In the recent development of Malu Trevejo and Travis Scott’s contract drama, the singer threatens the famed record producer to let her out of the contract.

On the eve of December 15, Trevejo took to her Instagram stories to share a couple of public messages dedicated to Scott.

In the first story, she threatened to expose behind-the-scene drama if he did not free her from the estranged contract.

“@travisscott let me out of the contract really... don’t wanna expose the behind scenes shit so just let me out of it,” she wrote.

Malu Trevejo shares a story threatening Travis Scott regarding the contract drama.

Malu Trevejo shares a story threatening Travis Scott regarding the contract drama. (Photo: Instagram)

She further questioned Scott the reason to hold her when he had already denied publicly (via his manager) that he had not signed Trevejo for his record label, Cactus Jack Records.

Fans React to the Recent Drama

Multiple social media-based gossip sites quickly shared the Cuban-born singer’s stories, where fans dropped down their thoughts on the recent drama.

“that’s why you read the FINE PRINT BABY. they got you on lock for some years or some albums or some hits so get to work booski,” one commented, saying that she was trapped.

Another asked, “is she tagging him in a story to get out of her contract.”

“He should’ve never signed her,” someone also wrote while another encouraged her to reveal the truth, saying, “spill the tea girl.”

Meanwhile, Scott has not remarked on Trevejo’s recent threatening messages.

Malu Trevejo Wanted Herself Out of the Contract Previously, Too!

Immediately after the Scott’s Astroworld concert incident last month, Trevejo released a statement via Instagram stories, saying that she was cutting ties with the rapper.

Adding to the controversy, she said,

And a lot of you probably going to be like you don't got explain yourself to the haters. I don't but I like making sure that what I say makes sense because it makes sense to me and maybe make sense to them but I don't want to admit it but I just wanna always be clear I'm very transparent.

At the time, she also thanked Scott, his Cactus Jack Records team, and Atlantic Records for having her on their team while adding whatever was happening with her was happening for the best.

Trevejo further addressed the backlash — where she was accused of faking her record label deal with Scott — by claiming that she had not lied about being signed to Scott’s company.

“I wouldn’t lie about getting signed to anybody. Things just changed and that’s ok. Be tha means something bigger is waiting for me,” she wrote in one of her Instagram stories.

The Controversy-Filled Signing Announcement

Trevejo initially announced the signing on her 19th birthday in October 2021.

In her since-deleted Instagram post, she shared that she was signed by Cactus Jack Records and Atlantic Records.

“Birthday girl I’m so happy dreams come true got signed to @cactusjack and @atlanticrecords,” she wrote in her caption. “I’m so happyyyyy Libra gang #myteamisthebest.”

However, Scott’s manager, David Stromberg, remarked that the announcement held no truth and was “fake” news.