On June 14, 2022, Mads Lewis took to Instagram stories and uploaded a mirror selfie with her alleged new boyfriend, Kevin Meija. 

She had blocked off his face with the geo-tag Los Cabos, Mexico. It appears she was going on a vacation with her new partner.

Meija, too, had uploaded a selfie on his Instagram stories of him and Lewis at a beach, but only her lips were featured. 

Although the influencer has confirmed nothing, fans seem to think their photos paint a story of their alleged budding romance

Lewis’ vacation photos and stories came five days after her best friend, Cooper Noriega’s death on June 9, 2022.

Upon learning about the demise, the TikTok star had taken to her Twitter to share that she missed her friend. Unfortunately, netizens criticized her after her vacation photos and video went live. 


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They claimed Lewis was faking her grief, which was disrespectful to her friend. 

Mads Lewis Responds to Criticisms

The original Tiktokroom had reshared Lewis’ Los Cabos, Mexico Instagram stories, leading to a barrage of criticisms. 

“She was sad about Coop for like a day and went straight to Cabo the next. This is what Dave [Dave Portnoy from BFFs podcast] meant by people using Coop’s death for clout,” commented one user. 

There were many other comments which did not sit well with Lewis. She tagged one such commenter, @slimbeann, and asked her to stop disrespecting her. 

“There’s no flex here and don’t you dare disrespect me like that. I’m in Cabo relaxing, getting my mind off of what just happened. so I’m not laying in my bed! Not eating! And crying ! if I don’t move around and smell the fresh air. I feel like I’m not living for someone who couldn’t!” wrote Lewis. 

Mads Lewis and her alleged boyfriend, Kevin Meija on vacation amidst Cooper Noriega's death

Mads Lewis and her alleged boyfriend, Kevin Meija, on vacation after Cooper Noriega's death. (Source: Instagram)

She added that was what Noriega would have wanted. The TikToker also asked netizens to stop judging people for how they grieved and explained that everyone lamented in their own ways. 

Many people had doubted Lewis and Noriega’s friendship because she had never discussed it on social media. 

She addressed it, noting not everyone posted everything about their life on socials. 

Mads Lewis Criticized for Her Post on Cooper Noriega’s Death

This was not Lewis's first criticism after Noriega’s death. 

After his death, there was an outpouring of grief on social media. His fans had made video edits using his best friend, Jaden Hossler’s song. 

But this did not sit well with Lewis, and she asked everyone to stop doing that, as it was “disrespectful and disgusting.” She also criticized Hossler, calling him a hypocrite. 

Lewis did not explain her tweet further, but netizens criticized her for a stirring drama on social media at a tragic time. 

“Not the time, this is disrespectful she should shut it for now,” one user commented. Meanwhile, another wrote, “maybe she is right, but it’s not the time for this.”

Fellow influencer Tana Mongeau called her out, insinuating her tweet was inappropriate.