In January 2022, Mads Lewis made headlines after her cryptic tweet went online. 

She quickly deleted the tweet, but before that, tiktokinsiders got a screengrab of it, which they uploaded on their Instagram. 

It read, "Jaden will always know where home is. my forever."

However, immediately after that, the TikTok star clarified via a video on her Instagram stories that the tweet was nothing but fake.

"Ok so, clearly that tweet is obviously fake. And that's all I have to say," said Lewis in the video. 

In the tweet, the Jaden she referred to was Jaden Hossler, her ex-boyfriend. 

The duo had been dating on and off since 2019, but Hossler put the final nail in their relationship when he developed a bond with Nessa Barrett after they collaborated on their song 'La Di Die.'

After that, Hossler and Barrett confirmed their relationship while Lewis went online and criticized Hossler for cheating on her.

After the tweet, fans theorized that Lewis' account was probably hacked. But on March 7, 2022, Lewis made headlines for the second time this year. 

Mads Lewis' Instagram Highlights on Jaden Hossler

On March 7, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Lewis' old Instagram highlights about Hossler were live. 

It appears Lewis had reshared Hossler's Instagram story on her highlights when they were together, and some of these were shared by "The original Tiktokroom."

There were old baby photos of Hossler and Lewis' YouTube promotion of Hossler's music.

There was also a highlight of Pickle, their shared puppy, which they had gotten on Lewis' birthday. 

Mads Lewis' Instagram highlights

Mads Lewis' Instagram highlights on Jaden Hossler reposted by The original Tiktokroom (Source: The actual Tiktokroom/Instagram)

In another story, the duo was seen hanging out in a car with their matching cowboy hats. 

Lewis has already deleted these Instagram highlights, but she hasn't addressed them so far. 

The original Tiktokroom mentioned in the caption that Lewis unblocked Hossler or vice versa, which made the Instagram highlights pop back up on her page. 

But these claims have not been confirmed and are just speculations for now. In the comments, followers also asked Tiktokroom how they knew about the unblocking. 

Jaden Hossler Mending Relationship With Everyone

Netizens have even theorized that the unblocking might be true because, recently, Hossler has been making a lot of effort to mend his relationship with everyone. 

After Hossler and Barrett began dating, Lewis moved on with Christian Plourde, but they had already broken up.

It appears Hossler and Plourde are friends, as they are following each other on Instagram. 

They have also been spotted together a couple of times, like on Hossler's 21st birthday bash. 

Speaking of Hossler's 21st birthday bash, many VIPs and A-listers were at the party, including Hossler's friend and former Sway boy, Bryce Hall

Hossler had also considered inviting Josh Richards, which Bryce Hall revealed in a video that tiktokinsiders had posted on February 9. 

The 'La Di Die' singer and Richards were friends, but their friendship ended after Hossler began dating Barrett, Richards' ex. 

In the video, Richards contemplated going to the party, and Hall even encouraged him, noting that it had been so long. 

It looks like Hossler is reaching out to all his old nemeses, leading fans to assume that he might be trying to mend his relationship with Lewis as well.