In September 2020, Loren Gray started posting photos with singer Kyle DeLoera, who goes by the stage name DYSN.

Immediately fans suspected they were together, and almost a year later, Gray had to come clean. 

After the TikTok star was seen holding hands with Taylor Holder, she confirmed it was for a music video and that she had a boyfriend whom she was very happy with. 

Gray and DeLoera did not explicitly confirm their relationship, but the copious pictures they posted were enough to convince their fans. 

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long as rumors of their break up made rounds on the internet. 

In February this year, Gray posted a TikTok claiming that she was spending Valentine’s Day by herself. 

But that’s not all. Both Gray and DeLoera had also deleted most of their picture from Instagram. 

After that, she began putting up moody Instagram stories and posts. She kept mum about the break up but finally addressed it on the BFFs podcast.

Loren Gray Addresses Break up with Kyle DeLoera on BFFs

Gray confirmed that their relationship ended at the end of January this year, after dating for two years.

She revealed little when asked why and only said, “caz I am not here to mother anyone’s sons.”

A confused Dave Portnoy asked her is he was the one with the kids, but Gray said: “no, basically he was mine.”

The host then asked her if her ex boyfriend had seen her and Josh Richards and the reports on their alleged relationship

Gray revealed that DeLoera had stopped following her in Finsta and stopped sharing his location after she got back from Vegas. 

The singer had reached out to the TikTok star, but she did not reciprocate because once she was done with was a relationship, she was done.

“I am not trying to hate on him. It just didn’t work out, We are in different places. It was on its way out for a while. But I am not trying to hate on him. He’s a nice guy,” shared Gray. 

She noted everyone thought he was cheating on her, but she didn’t think so. 

Loren Gray Spills More Tea on Her Former Boyfriends

Towards the end of the podcast, Gray played the “[expletive], Kill, Marry” game.

She was presented with three choices, Leigh Cantwell, Ian Jeffrey, and DeLoera, all of whom were her former boyfriends.

Loren Gray and Josh Richards

Loren Gray playing a game including her former boyfriends on the BFFs podcast (Source: BFFs/YouTube)

Gray was talking about how she used to date all of them when Richards cut in and asked if Jeffrey was straight because he recalled seeing something that suggested otherwise. 

But Gray believed he was straight, to which host Brianna LaPaglia added he could be bisexual. 

Portnoy joked, saying maybe Gray turned him gay, to which she replied “probably.”

She added she dated Jeffrey for a couple of months in 2019. 

After that, Gray said that she would marry Cantwell because they were good friends, and they did not end on bad terms. 

She would kill DeLoera only because it was still fresh, leaving the last option for Jeffrey. 

But Gray noted she wasn’t trying to hurt DeLoera’s feelings.