At the start of this year, Logan Paul and KSI announced they were ending their beef to partner up for a sports drink venture. They revealed their new sports drink collaboration, Prime Hydration, as a direct competitor to drinks like Body Armor and Gatorade.

Prime Hydration was first launched in the US and sold out within a few hours. By March, the duo had made $10 million in sales. 

The drinks were available in popular chain stores such as Walmart, Kroger, GNC, and the Vitamin Shoppe. But after crossing the $10 million mark, they landed a deal with Target and all of its 2000+ walk-in and online stores in America. 

During their Instagram Live, Paul and KSI discussed their new deal and shared their plans to expand to multiple departmental and drug stores.


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And then, in May, they finally released the beverage in the UK alongside a new flavor: Ice Pop.

Prime Hydration was sold out in just five minutes in the UK and is now sold in Asda stores nationwide.

Logan Paul Reveals MrBeast Doubted Prime Hydration

It’s clear that Paul and KSI are onto something with their sports drink, but of course, as with any business venture, they had people who doubted them. 

In episode 334 of the Impaulsive podcast released on 14 July 2022, Paul and his co-host Mike Majlak discussed business and finance with guests Travis Bot and Dana Fleischmann.

Paul shared Prime had recently launched, and the sales were booming.

Logan Paul revealed MrBeast doubted Prime Hydration on Impaulsive podcast

Logan Paul revealed that MrBeast doubted Prime Hydration on the Impaulsive podcast. (Source: YouTube)

He explained how he had confidence in Prime Hydration but was shocked to hear MrBeast's reservations.

“When I was with MrBeast in South Africa, Prime had just launched and was doing very well quickly, he straight up told me he did not think it was going to work at all. And that shocked me. It was so obvious to me it was going to work, but I guess sometimes that’s just not the case,” said Logan.

Fleischmann explained that MrBeast wasn’t wrong in thinking that because he knew of thousands of influencers who had their own brands that were a complete failure. He added that very few Logan Pauls had a team of their own to scale their business. 

Fans React to MrBeast’s Doubt and Prime

Viewers who tuned into the episode left their comments in the comment section. 


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Many commended the Impaulsive team for bringing in guests that had tons of experience and knowledge they could impart. 

“These podcasts are so good, You learn so many new things everything,” one user commented. 

Some viewers also compared Paul’s Hydration and MrBeast’s Feastables, a chocolate brand that the YouTuber recently launched. 

“I have brought 10 bottles of Prime at Walmart and I think it’s successful. However, I have never ordered MrBeast’s Feastables because I am not a fan of the products,” commented one viewer. 

Another person wrote that just because MrBeast was smart with marketing and videos, it didn’t always mean he would be right. 

A handful of viewers also mentioned Prime’s current success, noting it could probably be short-term given how long Gatorade has been in the market.