Lil Wayne made his debut in the hip hop scene in 1995, and he has had an illustrious rap career since then.

He is often regarded as the best rapper of his generation, with over 120 million record sales worldwide and several Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and BET Awards, among others.

More than just a legendary rapper, he is also a proud father of his four children, whom he shares with four different women. 

Lil Wayne has a daughter named Reginae Carter and three sons named Dwayne Carter, Kameron Carter, and Neal Carter.

But despite having a lot of baby mamas, the rapper is undeterred by the criticisms. “I don’t think what people think should be any concern of anybody’s. It’s definitely not a concern of mine. I’d be crazy if it was and you’re crazy if you are. They [women] wanna be [baby mama] number five, six, and seven, so,” the rapper told Ozone Magazine (via MTV.) 

Here is everything we know about all his children. 

1. Reginae Carter 

Lil Wayne was married to his first wife, Toya Johnson, a reality TV personality, rapper, author, and businesswoman, between 2004 and 2006. 

Before they were married, they welcomed their daughter, Reginae, on November 29, 1998.

Reginae graduated from Clark Atlanta University and followed in her parents’ footsteps as an actress, musician, and author.

Her film credits include Dear Santa, I Need a Date, and Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, while her TV credits include Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta and TI and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, in which her mother also stars in.

The actress was also part of the girl group OMG Girlz and co-wrote the book Paparazzi Princesses. As the oldest of four children, Reginae has set a good example for her brothers. 

2. Dwayne Carter

After Reginae, Lil Wayne and his former partner Sarah Vivan, a radio host, gave birth to Dwayne on October 22, 2008.

The rapper and the radio host met at one of the rapper’s afterparties in Cincinnati, and one thing led to another. They lovingly called their now-teenager son “Lil Tuney.”


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In 2020, Dwayne appeared on his dad’s 2020 mixtape No Ceilings 3

His mother regularly shares photos of him (and his step-sister) on her Instagram and once said her children were like her homies. 

“My children are like my homies... They’re, like, my best friends. We kind of are growing together, and I just try to guide them as much as I can,” said the mother. 

3. Kameron Carter

Lil Wayne dated and almost came close to marrying his former partner and fiancée, Lauren London, an actress, model, and TV personality. 

The former couple welcomed Kameron on September 9, 2009. Even though they broke up, they have an amicable co-parenting relationship. 

All of Lil Wayne's children in one frame

All of Lil Wayne's children in one frame. (Source: Instagram)

“We were in a relationship that didn’t make it. We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways. My son’s father is a lovable person who will always be a dear friend,” said London of her ex

Kameron also appeared on his dad’s mix tape No Ceilings 3.

4. Neal Carter

The rapper’s youngest son, Neal, whom he shares with former partner and R&B singer Nivea B. Hamilton was born on November 30, 2009.

Neal’s parents affectionately call him “Meatball,” and like his brothers, Kameron and Dwayne, he also appeared on No Ceilings 3