On 31 March 2019, rap icon Nipsey Hussle was shot outside the clothing store he owned in South Crenshaw. The killing horrified fans, and everyone immediately convened not only to mourn but to support his long-term girlfriend and mother of his child, Lauren London.

In remembrance of the second anniversary of the rapper’s passing, London honored her late love with a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. The 36-year-old actress uploaded a cropped photo of Hussle and reflected on her journey of overcoming loss and grief. 

Here’s a look back at the bond she and Hussle shared.

From Homies to Lovers

One of the many things fans loved about the late rapper was his enduring relationship with London. In 2013, London saw her future lover when she was buying Hussle’s limited edition mixtape for her co-stars on a BET series. They were selling for a whopping $100 each. 

After London got her hands on the mixtapes, she started following Hussle on Instagram, and he followed her back and slid into her DMs, and the rest is history. In 2016, after dating for three years, Lauren and Nipsey welcomed a son named Kross Asghedom.

They also raised Hussle’s daughter from a previous relationship and London’s son with Lil Wayne together. The pair briefly split in November 2017, claiming that it was a mutual decision and focused on co-parenting.

But a few months after, they sparked reconciliation rumors after they were spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers game together and Hussle’s private debut album release party. The couple’s 5-year long relationship was living proof that storybook romances existed. 

For proof, look no further than the beautifully moving eulogy London read aloud at his funeral.

I want you to know I feel real joy in my heart when I’m around you. I feel safe around you. Protected.

On Raising Their Children

London was left to pick up the pieces and raise their children on her own after the death of her baby daddy. The family adjusted to life without Hussle, but London had a hard time explaining to her then 3-year-old son the concept of death. She told GQ in December 2019 that Kross still asked for his father. 

Recently, the actress opened up about grief, her children, and getting back to her work. London is starring as Pam Madden in Amazon Prime Video’s new action-suspense film, Without Remorse, opposite Michael B. Jordan, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Jamie Bell.

London mentioned she wanted her kids to know she was forging ahead with grief and getting back on her feet. She revealed she was curled up in a ball for the longest time, but now she was ready to get back into the world. 

It’s important for my sons to see me moving forward with grief, not just curling up in a ball because I curled up in a ball for a long time.

The death also taught the actress a vital lesson - that time is not promised, and hence she tries to be fully present with her kids.