It is no surprise that TikTok has given rise to various influencers. And those influencers have a massive fanbase. 

As a result, the platform has made them mainstream, even to the extent of having their own shows. One such show is Hype House on Netflix. 

The show features TikTok's content house members of the same name and their day-to-day life. The eight episodes comprise their love life, career, fights, and controversies. 

After the show came out, a few influencers were unhappy with their representation. One of them was Larray

Larray Blames' Hype House' Netflix

Larray was a member of the Hype House for almost a year in 2020. As a result, he was featured on the Netflix show

The series addressed some controversies he had been in, like going to a party after being tested for COVID-19. It also featured the ups and downs of his friendship with Nikita Dragun

The show Hype House has received criticism and is trending on Netflix USA. However, the influencer does not seem happy with the show and how he was portrayed on it. 

On January 10, 2022, Noah Beck uploaded a YouTube video titled "Larray opens up about the Hype House Reality Show!" As explained by the title itself, he talked about the series and his opinion of it. 

He said that he was painted to be the bad guy on the show. Then he went on an explicit rant about people, but it was bleeped out. 

Later in the video, the TikToker said people were jealous of him, so they painted false narratives.

Similarly, he said he would rather never be in a reality show again because of the drama. 

Larray taking a mirror selfie.

Larray taking a mirror selfie. (Source: Instagram)

While neither Beck nor the TikToker revealed who the "people" were, it is possible that the latter was talking about Dragun. 

Larray and Nikita Dragun Beef 

The show featured the influencer and Dragun as they navigated their friendship. While they refer to each other as best friends, it seems like they are more like frenemies. 

In one instance, the two did not speak for weeks since Dragun claimed the TikToker threw her under the bus. He had COVID-19, and the show's entire production had to be shut down. 

Similarly, all members of Hype House and their acquaintances had to go under quarantine. However, Dragun was partying during those times, and she allegedly knew that her friend had COVID. 

But according to Larray's team and management, Dragun got drunk and forced him to come to the party. Her team informed her about the situation days after the party. 

Nikita Dragun posing for a picture.

Nikita Dragun posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

She maintained she did not call him, and he came to the party of his own volition. His team dubbed her the "scapegoat," and Dragun was hurt by his actions. 

The two talked to each other after a week of Dragun avoiding the TikToker. They talked it out, only to figure out that he did not know about the situation. 

Later in the show, the influencer talked about how his fans did not like him hanging out with Dragun. This was because of her controversies and the number of times she has been canceled. 

He also called out Dragun for blackfishing, but she did not respond properly. The TikToker confessed he felt gaslighted by Dragun. 

But since he did not mention which person he was talking about, this is mere speculation.

So, unless he confesses who he was talking about, we will not know for sure.