Professional basketball player Kyrie Irving needs no introduction. One of the finest players, he earned the Rookie of the Year title right after being the first overall pick for Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA draft. 

Since then, the brilliant point guard's reputation has only heightened, and deservingly so.

When Irving is on the court, his ball-handling techniques — be it quick crossovers, hard dribbles, or hesitation moves before his perfect finishing — are notably arresting.

And the thing that comes second to everyone's attention is, unquestionably, his intricate tattoos. 

About Kyrie Irving's Tattoos

It's fair to say that the basketball star holds a great fondness for tattoos. Irving has over 21 designs on his body, comprising pictures of intellectual symbols, animals, letters, mythical creatures, roman numbers, and words. 

Visible in his left chest is a big name tattoo of his daughter's moniker, Elizabeth, encapsulated in two angel wings. Similarly, he has also inked his family name in the lower part of his left leg. 

Besides names, the 29-year-old has tattooed a Chinese dragon on the right side of his back, a personalized tribal design on his left forearm, and angel's wings on the upper part of his right arm. 

Most of the designs Irving has are hand tattoos. For example, he has a roman number eight on his left wrist and 13 on his right, which together marks his daughter's birthday — 8/13. 

In addition, Irvin also has a tattoo of animals, including a monkey, a rooster, a lion, and a fish, in his upper right arm. The back of his right-hand holds a tattoo of an All-Seeing Eye, which is often interpreted as the symbol of the Illuminati. 

Irving's left-hand tattoos include 'Faith' on his wrist and The Hand of Fatima on the upper arm. And, not to mention, it is also home to Irving's famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tattoo. 

Joey Tribbiani Inspired His Hand Tattoo

Irving has the word 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' tattooed on the forearm of his left hand. Needless to say, the 2015 design is his tribute to the eponymous '90s sitcom. 


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In an interview with G.Q. magazine in 2015, the Melbourne native recounted how he had watched the series at a young age, but he wasn't cognizant of the deep underlying morals and the sarcasm. 

However, he fell in love with the series and the characters when he binge-watched a season in his adulthood.

Irving mentioned he loved how the characters handled their relationship on the show, implying he could relate to them. Then he shared that he was hugely impressed by his favorite character, Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc.

As per his account, the actor made him appreciate the acting profession and inspired him to get a tattoo of the show's name. As a result, the athlete and his friend got the same tattoo in the same place as a token of appreciation for the show.