A few months ago, Kyrie Irving officially became a father of two kids. 

The NBA player and his girlfriend Marlene Wilkerson welcomed their first baby, a daughter. The new mother dropped the surprise news by taking to her YouTube page, The Find Guru, with a video upload on June 14. 

Kyrie Irving and His Girlfriend’s Homebirth

Titled ‘Our Pregnancy Journey,’ Wilkerson showed off her baby bump and included a montage of her doing various activities leading up to their home birth.

The video also featured the couple’s intimate moments where they were canoodled in bed, and the Brooklyn Nets player was seen caressing his girlfriend’s belly. And when the time finally came for Wilkerson to give birth, the NBA player was supportive as ever. 

His girlfriend was sitting in a bathtub filled with water while Irving was standing outside the bathtub. He was then heard saying, “I got you, baby,” as the newborn cried.

The video ended with Wilkerson extending her gratitude to her family and loved ones for blessing them through their journey. She also credited their midwife Racha Tahani Lawler at Crimson Fig Midwifery “for leading them through the traditional sacred practice and for assisting in bringing their baby Earthside.”

Lastly, she thanked Dr. Sura at Nalu Chiropractic for divine alignment. 

Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend Pregnancy Journey


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That was just one of the videos she posted about her pregnancy journey. 

A month later, she posted a chit-chat video about her home birth experience. Wilkerson explained that she always knew she wanted a home birth because she was never comfortable in hospitals because of the things she had witnessed.

She opined that if more women shared their natural birth stories, other people would seek other options in knowing how easy it is to go through the process as she did. She then added that her birth was easy despite it being unassisted or unmedicated. 

She also claimed that her whole birth experience felt like she was going through a deep meditation where her body told her what to do. A few months later, she released another video explaining in-depth why she had an easy, holistic birth. 

Titled ‘How I Had a Natural Unmedicated Pregnancy and Delivery,’ Wilkerson listed the reasons for her easy pregnancy. Her first reason was having the right mindset. She took a firm stance on having home birth from the start, which guided her actions later on.

The second reason she listed was diet. She had a plant-based and high alkaline diet and was conscious about what she ate. Her third reason was her lifestyle, which she explained was about having power over her decisions and body. 

She explained that most women gave the power of their bodies and decision to doctors and hospitals during pregnancy. She then added that should one decide for a home birth, they needed to surround themselves with people who were going through the same thing as them.

Her last reason was intention and boundary. She explained that deciding to have a home birth meant setting boundaries against people who did not support that. 

Wilkerson has many similar videos which you watch on her YouTube channel.