Kristin Davis has never been married. Yet, she didn't wait to tie the knot to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother.

After all, she had always wanted to experience motherhood. The only hindrance was her blooming acting career.

But when she reached her late 30s, she realized that time was ticking. 

Following that, she adhered to her instincts and opted for domestic adoption, creating her own family with two kids — daughter Gemma Rose Davis and son Wilson Davis. 

Kristin Davis' Adopted Children

Davis adopted her first child, daughter Gemma, in early 2011. Typically, she kept the entire adoption process a secret and revealed the news after all the legalities were done.

"Having this wish come true is even more gratifying than I ever had imagined. I feel so blessed," the 56-year-old told People in October 2011. 

A year later, she gushed about the adoption process in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

The mother-of-two recounted how she was told to think of herself as a babysitter when her child first came.

Davis remarked that the advice was nowhere near applicable. She had already fallen in love with her daughter. And to increase their bonding, she would sleep with her on her chest every night. 

Seven years after adopting her baby girl, Davis welcomed another child, son Wilson, in May 2018.

While she remained mum about her big step, journalist Marc Malkin announced the news through Facebook on May 5. "Now she's blessed times two!" he wrote at the end of his revelation. 

Later in an interview with Live with Kelly and Ryan, Davis disclosed her daughter wanted a brother. She also shared Gemma was such a good big sister.

Kristin Davis on Racism Her Kids Face

Davis' adopted children are both African-American.

Since she adopted the kids, the stunning actress has unhesitantly been candid about being a white mother to two kids of differing races.

"I will never be black no matter how hard I try," Davis tearfully told Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris during an interview on the Red Table Talk show in 2019. 

Davis had taken many education courses before adopting her kids. Still, she admittedly couldn't fathom how every person of color could tackle the discrimination. 

Getting tearful, she admitted she could never say to her children that she could understand their pain.

But then, she shared she was doing everything to prepare them for hate and every tribulation. 

As per her accounts, she had made it her mission to provide her kids with exposure to black communities. Although she could never relate to the racism, she wanted them to be strong and understanding. 

In an interview with WNYC in November 2016, she shared she was terrified for her daughter.

Davis said she thought she knew what white privilege was. But after raising a black child, she realized she never really understood the gravity of that topic. 

She admittedly was terrified by even the thoughts of the hardships her daughter would have to go through.