In 2016, The Facts of Life sitcom star Kim Fields and her husband, Christopher Morgan, appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

The couple was excited to be part of Bravo’s hit reality show, with Fields sharing that she wanted to do something she had never done before. 

But little did they know what she and her husband were in for, and after a rocky season eight, they left the show. 

The duo had a wild ride on the show, and much of it stemmed from Fields' feud with series star Kenya Moore

From the start, Moore and Fields had difficulty getting along. 

But their feud reached a whole new level when Moore began spreading rumors that Morgan was gay.

During their trip to Jamaica, Moore spent an evening around the pool with her co-stars and told them Field's husband was gay. 

She added people referred to him as “Chrissy,” which elicited laughter from the other ladies, who then piled on the speculations. 

Kim Fields and Her Husband Set the Record Straight

When Fields heard about the allegations, she was furious at Moore and refuted the claims. 

Later on, her husband sat down with E! News and iterated Moore had fabricated the entire conversation.

During the interview, Morgan opened up about how he felt and shared his thoughts on why Moore spread such a lie. 

According to the musical theater performer, it was not uncommon for Broadway performers to be mistaken for being gay. In fact, he admittedly had been in such a situation before. 

Kim Fields and her husband Christopher Morgan.

Kim Fields and her husband Christopher Morgan. (Source: Instagram)

The only thing that bothered the performer was Moore’s choice to take advantage of her platform. 

Morgan shared that although he was not affected by her statement, most people, especially the gay community, were offended, and Moore would face the consequences. 

“I have many people in my life that are homosexuals I love dearly. I know that they were offended by the statements made. And it’s disappointing to me that someone would make such reckless statements without thinking of the true repercussions,” said the actor.

He revealed Moore had apologized, but he clarified he was not ready to be friends with her. 

Is Kim Fields Still Married?

The former Living Single star and her husband presented a united front during the scandal and moved on from it. 

The couple is happily married to this day. They have been married for almost 15 years, and they have two kids: sons Sebastian Alexander and Quincy Xavier.

Fields and her other half do not have a daughter. They might have had a daughter if not for Fields' two miscarriages before giving birth to her youngest son. 

She thought her days as a new mother were over and was preparing for menopause. 

But after she was unwell, she visited a doctor who told the actress she was pregnant. 

“He thought I might be dehydrated, then I find out I’m two months pregnant. I was stunned out of my mind,” said the reality star.

Fields gave birth to her healthy baby boy at 44.