Kenya Moore is no stranger in the entertainment world. She was only 22 when she made history as the second Black woman to win the Miss USA pageant. Thereon, she pursued a career in acting, pocketing roles in TV shows like The Parent Hood and Celebrity Apprentice 7.

Moore became a household name once she appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008. And while she has been a fan favorite on the reality show, her loyal fans are familiar with her professional endeavors too. But the same cannot be said regarding her family life and her siblings. 

So, here's a quick summary of her relationship with her siblings and other family members. 

Kenya Moore Has Two Siblings

The RHOA star has at least two younger siblings — a brother and a sister named Tara, who live in Houston, Texas.

Kenya Moore celebrates Father's Day with her siblings in Houston in 2015.

Kenya Moore celebrated Father's Day with her siblings in Houston in 2015. (Photo: Kenya Moore's Instagram)

On June 22, 2015, the reality star took to Instagram to express her amusement regarding the growth of her siblings. 

Moore posted a picture of herself with them and walked down memory lane in the caption. "Can you believe I used to change their diapers?" she stated before sharing that her siblings had grown up to be independent people. She even pointed out that they were married and had children of their own. 

Moore's brother has two daughters, London and Anahla, with his wife, Ashley.

Moore's Estranged Relationship with Family Members

Moore seemingly doesn't have a healthy relationship with her family members, especially her mother Patricia Moore, and reasonably so.

Born out of wedlock on January 24, 1971, her teenage parents weren't ready to take responsibility for a child. And while her mother thought to put her up for adoption, her father, Ronald Grant, talked to his mom, Doris, and asked her to take the young Moore in. 

Doris agreed, raising Moore as her own. And as time passed by, the television personality thought her mother would accept her. For instance, when her father took her to Patricia's house for a surprise visit when she was 4, she expected motherly love and welcome. 

Sadly, Patricia became angry and stated loud and clear that she didn't want to know about Moore. She even allegedly ordered the actress never to call her mother.

The relationship between Moore and Patricia only worsened after Moore realized her mom ignored her during family events. She even allegedly pretended as if Moore never existed.

And though Moore didn't have her mother by her side, she had her father. That being said, the father-daughter relationship also had its own trials and tribulations.

Their rocky relationship became public knowledge when Moore admitted she didn't invite her father to her wedding to Marc Daly deliberately. 

In RHOA season 10, she revealed her father wasn't entirely supportive of her relationship and didn't want drama on her big day. However, her father chimed in to set the records straight. He clarified he was just protective of her.

After a brief discussion, Moore mentioned how she regretted not having her dad at her wedding, implying she was on good terms with him.