Since the Stranger Things star is the leading Gen Z sensation, people want to know more about her personal life.

Although her previous relationships were no secret to her fans, she tried to limit access and information regarding her love life.

However, Brown likes to generate curiosity amongst her fans by snapping pictures and posting them on social media.

 The rumors about Jon Bon Jovi's son dating Millie Bobby Brown spread like wildfire. But Millie, being Millie, likes to maintain a secret regarding her relationships. 

She has been sharing snaps with her rumored beau but has not made any official statement.  Naturally, therefore, netizens are going crazy over it, and the pictures on their Instagram are building up hope for their fans. 

Who Is Jacob Bongiovi?

Jacob, AKA Jake Bongiovi, is the second youngest son of rockstar Jon Bon Jovi. The nineteen-year-old is a student at Syracuse University in NY and is very close with his dad and family.

He has labeled himself as an actor on his Instagram, but he has not appeared in any of the movies or series.


A post shared by @jakebongiovi

He has recently been in the spotlight after spending time with Brown on many occasions.

‘It’s My Life’ artist Jon Bon Jovi has said nothing about his son’s relationship, and neither has his son made it official.

But Bongiovi took it to Instagram with his 316K followers shared Brown as referred to her as "BFF."

Is Jon Bon Jovi's Son Dating Millie Bobby Brown?

A piece of solid news regarding the commencement of their relationship is still missing.

In June 2020, Bongiovi shared a photo with Brown and sweetly captioned it, BFF. Brown immediately replied to the post and responded the same as the caption.

It sparked the rumors of a romance between the teen stars.

A few weeks after the speculation, Brown and Bongiovi seemingly confirmed their romance after being spotted walking around the streets of NYC on June 17, 2021.

It was their first public appearance, and the Brown walked hand in hand with Bongiovi.

They also gave their fans a brief peek of their Europe tour together through their posts and stories on social media.

In November 2021, the seventeen-year-old Enola Holmes star shared a blurry snap with her rumored beau.

The picture featured Bongiovi kissing Brown's cheek during a ride on the London Eye Ferris wheel, and she hugging him tightly.

It was the first time Brown shared a picture of her rumored boyfriend.

Millie Bobby Brown and her rumored boyfriend.

Millie Bobby Brown and her rumored boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. (Source: Jake Bongiovi's Instagram)

On the same day, Jon Bon Jovi's son shared a picture of them enjoying themselves at a cafe.

The series of their snaps and stories continued, and in July, Brown shared a sunny shot of herself enjoying the weekend with her rumored boyfriend on her Instagram story.

After all the lovey-dovey posts, the fans expected them to make an official statement, but neither Brown nor Bongiovi spoke about their budding romance. 

Brown's 2021 Christmas was delightful as she spent it with her "best friend," Bongiovi. She posted a picture to share with her 47.4 million followers where she and her alleged boyfriend looked cozy in front of a Christmas tree. 

The caption had a heart emoji alongside the caption Happy Holidays. The duo might have said nothing, but their actions have done enough talking.

After all the photos and stories, "Is Jon Bon Jovi's son dating Millie Bobby Brown?" shouldn't even remain a question.