JoJo's long-awaited first capsule project, a 12-track EP Trying Not to Think About It, is finally out.

On October 1, 2021, the Vermont-born singer released her EP — that chronicles her complicated relationship with mental health — featuring fellow singers Omarion and Lauren Jauregui. Alfredo Flores directed the music videos for the EP.

JoJo Talks about 'Trying Not to Think About It'

Speaking with MTV this month, JoJo stated she wasn't in the right mindset when she started working on the recently released project.

Things were so bad that she even questioned her existence in the music industry.

"I leaned on that person for so much," she said of experiencing the end of a longtime "situationship" with a friend-turned-lover around the same time.

"I was questioning everything. I'm like, 'Well, I'll probably never fall in love again, so that's it for me. I'm just gonna die alone.'"

Later during the conversation, she revealed that the inspiration behind Trying Not to Think About It came from her experiences of feeling "a bit of an outcast" last year and escalating questions about her purpose.


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Additionally, when she was at her lowest point, resulting in drinking and overeating, her therapist — or maybe an ex-boyfriend — helped her learn healthier ways of dealing with mental health struggles.

One of them was personifying her depression and anxiety as a woman named Burlinda, which later inspired the first track she created for the project, 'Anxiety (Burlinda's Theme).'

It can feel so all-consuming and dark when you're depressed...The thought that there's this nasty [expletive] who also lives inside me, whose name is Burlinda and who tries to take over every once in a while, I think is funny. It makes it a little lighter.

As she continued to work on the EP and practiced healthy habits, she realized she was worthy of the place she had in the industry.

But, more importantly, she was motivated to work hard, release new albums, and solidify her position.

JoJo Thanked Lauren Jauregui for Her Time

After releasing her EP, JoJo also expressed her gratitude towards singer-songwriter Jauregui for featuring on her project through her social media.

In her October 2 Instagram post, she thanked her for playing along with her as her date and therapist.


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Meanwhile, many fans on Twitter have been praising the duo's chemistry on the music videos of the EP while asking about their next collab. A fan wrote:

@ddlovato collaboration again? We need a slow ballad showcasing both of yours vocal abilities! The power alone behind the song would probably slove all the worlds problems. Just saying. Love you!

Similarly, when another fan asked her about the next collaboration with Jauregui, JoJo had some nice things to say about the fellow singer. She responded, writing, "my babyyyyy I love her SM. can’t wait for her new project @LaurenJauregui."

Jauregui immediately replied to JoJo's touching tweet, saying, "I love youuuu queen! And I’m here af for a collab." In another tweet, the 25-year-old singer thanked JoJo for having her in the EP, while referring to her as "mama."