It looks like stand-up comedian Jo Koy has found love in his longtime pal, Chelsea Handler.

The news of their possible relationship has been swirling around the internet in the wake of their recent public appearances together and Instagram activities.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Kiss during a Baseball Game

On September 1, 2021, Koy and the Chelsea Lately star reportedly attended the L.A. Dodgers game with the rumored couple sitting close to each other. They flashed matching Dodgers gear, and according to a witness, the two even shared a kiss or two.

"Jo Koy at Dodger game in LA!" the witness told Instagram celeb gossip account Deuxmoi. "Saw Chelsea Handler on the big screen and obvi googled the two of them. Then saw him kiss a blonde next to him (she is masked, so it's hard to tell)."

Besides enjoying his time with his rumored girlfriend, Koy also threw the first pitch at the start of the game, as seen in his Instagram post. 

On September 2, he shared a video featuring various clips from the game day, and multiple shots saw the couple close to each other.


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The 50-year-old had also grammed a selfie of himself and Handler, where she put her head over his shoulder. But he soon deleted the picture from his profile.

The reports of their PDA during the MLB game came after Radar reported the two were "spotted making out" in Montecito, California, just a few days ago.

Budding Romance Manifested on Instagram

In addition to the public appearance, Koy and Handler have been regularly seen together on each other's Instagram posts and stories. But, more importantly, some of their posts are manifesting their budding romance.

For instance, Handler shared a video of Koy signing merch, and she romantically called him a "cutie." Similarly, some of their videos together show great chemistry between them, making fans think they are actually dating.


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"Is Chelsea your new girlfriend? Like are you two together?" a fan commented on Koy's post, asking if they were together. Another complimented the couple, writing, "I love when you and Chelsea hang out together!"

All that being said, both of them are yet to confirm if they are currently dating each other. But the announcement doesn't look so far as well, looking at how they are publicly showing off their romance.

Is Jo Koy Married?

As we are discussing the comedian's alleged new romance, it is also important to address that the Tacoma native was previously married to his ex-wife Angie King in the early 2000s.

In 2003, the ex-couple welcomed their son, Joseph Herbert Jr.  However, their marriage didn't last for long and ended in a divorce. But despite that, Koy and King reportedly manage a good friendship even now and have unfailingly worked out as co-parents.

"My and my son’s mother, we’ve been divorced for a while, but we’ve been really great parents. We’re good friends, we’re very relaxed when it comes to our son’s time with one another. We have an open door," he told Fatherly in July 2020.

The two even appeared together during an interview on Windy City LIVE in October 2020, showing their unbreakable friendship.