In early 2021, months before Kanye West's divorce from Kim Kardashian West, a bizarre rumor of makeup guru Jeffree Star dating West surfaced on the internet. 

The speculation spurred after a TikTok user Ava Louise claimed West was hooking up with a very famous male beauty guru. The influencer didn't suggest a name saying he could sue her but insisted that her claim was true. 

And just like that, the rumor went viral. People thought that the male makeup artist was Star. Coincidentally, the duo lived in the same neighborhood in Hidden Hills in California and moved to Wyoming around the same time.

Jeffree Star Dispelled the Dating Rumors

Star denied dating West and quelled all the bizarre relationship rumors through his YouTube video titled 'Addressing The Kanye Situation' on January 7, 2021. 

Saying that the rumor was weird, the makeup artist clarified he was single. Then he added how he could never be in a relationship with Kanye, stating, "Let me just say this one time … I like very tall men." 


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The YouTube superstar reiterated how West wasn't his type during an interview with ET Online on June 16, 2021. 

I know it sounds fun, but I prefer taller rappers and that's that. That's on that. Look how tall I am. I can't. 

Star also clarified that he and West never run into one another, although they live in the same city, for their houses are six hours apart. The 35-year-old then joked that he was, however, open to running a business with him.

It was Star's mom who told him about the headline-making claims, after which he saw the need to clarify things and uploaded his video. 

Jeffree Star's Relationship Status  

Now, it is clear that Jeffree isn't dating West, who has been going through his divorce proceedings with Kardashian. However, the big question remains — who is Jeffree Star dating?

In March 2021, Star was rumored to be dating singer and songwriter Sean van der Wilt. Perez Hilton tweeted a screenshot of Star's tweet of a half-naked man and suggested Wilt could be his new boyfriend. 

Star had written, "He loves when I wear red. I love when he wears nothing," in his tweet. 

Despite the public statement, neither Star nor Wilt commented or affirmed their relationship. The social media sensation's dating rumor with the singer came after his controversial relationship with Andre Marhold ended.

From being accused of paying Marhold to be his partner to allegations of destroying his family, Star weathered quite the controversy for the relationship before calling it quits.

Before Marhold, he dated Big Brother alum Jozea Flores briefly. He was also romantically linked with YouTuber Mitchell Halliday. However, the California native dismissed the rumors stating that he and Halliday were only close friends. 

Star's array of short-termed relationships came after he ended his serious romance with Nathan Schwandt in January 2020. The duo was dating for five years and even lived together in their $14.6 million mansion.