Jared Goff started his time in the NFL from Hollywood. Well, sort of.

The now-Detroit Lions' quarterback made his NFL debut with the Los Angeles Rams back in 2016. His debut started not only his NFL career but also something else interesting.

Everybody noticed he was a look alike to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling. This prompted everyone to ask if they were even remotely related.

Who Popularized Jared Goff-Ryan Gosling Look Alike Trend?

Goff and Gosling's similarity in appearance was first pointed out by Rams reporter Dani Klupenger in 2016. This was right around the time when he made his debut with the Rams.

On August 5, 2016, Klupenger sent out a tweet that contained a collage of Goff and Gosling's faces together.

During a Los Angeles Rams training camp around that time, someone had put up the collage on a stand for everyone to take notice.

The reporter posted the picture writing "Goff or Gosling" over the snap. Admittedly, the sign had her cracking up as she mentioned in the tweet.

People Wish Jared Goff and Ryan Gosling Were Related

Klupenger wasn't the only one to notice the similarity in appearance between the two. A lot of people have similar thoughts about them, especially on Twitter.

if you search "Goff Gosling" on Twitter, you will find a lot of tweets pointing out Goff's uncanny resemblance to The Notebook actor.

Some have even gone as far as to say Goff is the lesser version of Gosling in many ways.

Or a cross between Gosling and Ben Platt.

Some even want them to be cousins. Unfortunately, their wish isn't coming true anytime soon.

Jared Goff and Ryan Gosling look alike and this has people asking if they are related.
Jared Goff and Ryan Gosling look alike and this has people asking if they are related. (Photo: @CRazberi/Twitter)

Goff's facial look is not similar just with Gosling, but with some other people as well.

For example, people have likened him to former NFL player Alex Smith, Dodgers pitcher Adam Kolarek, and Yellowcard singer Ryan Kelly.

Nevertheless, Goff and Gosling do have some similarities between them, other than how their faces look. Both have experience with football.

People Want Ryan Gosling to Play Jared Goff

If there was ever going to be a biopic on Goff, it might not be too much to ask Gosling to play the role. Twitterverse seems to agree on the same.

It wouldn't be that big a deal for Gosling to play a quarterback on-screen. He has already played a cornerback in 2000's Remember The Titans.

The movie, which was inspired by real events, showcased Gosling in the role of Alan Bosley alongside Denzel Washington's Herman Boone.

One person on Twitter was even convinced Goff was Gosling from the movie.

Whether the biopic is on the cards, nobody knows. But it would be interesting to see their reactions when they meet each other face to face.