Griffin Santopietro became a part of the Netflix community, playing the role of Anthony LaRusso in Cobra Kai, in 2018. He was introduced as the son of protagonist Daniel LaRusso, played by Ralph Macchio, and the younger brother of Sam LaRusso, played by Mary Mouser

Unlike Daniel and Sam, Anthony was not interested in martial arts. He shunned his father's attempts to teach him karate, choosing to live a sedentary life playing video games and eating waffles for breakfast.

During the first and third seasons, Santopietro peeked like his character. He was on the chubbier side with shorter looks. But fans observed his change in physicality and personality in the fourth season. 

Many fans maintained that Santopietro's weight loss was a hoax and social media scrutiny. What was it? Here is the breakdown. 

Griffin Santopietro's Weight Loss

Santopietro's weight loss was evident to the fans during his journey from the first season to the fourth season. He had started playing the role at 12, and he was 16 years old when the fourth season was released. He had grown taller and slimmer. 

Then, fans noticed Santopietro's appearance in Dhar Mann Studio's video, 'Brother Hates his Little Bro, He Instantly Regrets It.' That made them realize the drastic differences in his appearance; his cheeks had slimmed, and his facial structure had slightly changed.

Griffin Santopietro's character journey as Anthony on Cobra Kai.

Griffin Santopietro's character journey as Anthony on Netflix's Cobra Kai. (Photo: Central Cobra Kai/Twitter)

Santopietro's weight loss became the talk of the town when the fourth season trailer was released.

A fan tweeted Anthony's pictures from the first and latest season in 2021. "The actor who plays Antony LaRusso looks very different in the new season of Cobra Kai. But don't be scared: it's the same actor!" the person wrote, quoting he looked like a different person.

Griffin Santopietro's Weight Loss Sparks Debate

Santopietro's weight loss had fans divided over the cause of it. Some argued he was going through puberty and the weight loss was natural. Others claimed he was being prepared for his upcoming part on the show.

The fans claiming natural cause marked the changes in 2020. In a 2020 Pop alternative interview, viewers talked about his slimmed facial structure and hoarse voice. "He may have thinned down, but that's just puberty. Despite what you think, not every time an actor loses weight is due to them becoming some big new character," a fan opined. 

Others corroborated that he was bound to get a makeover for his character. Anthony's absence in the second season in 2019 was speculated to cause the reinvention of his character story. "He's slimmed down. That could be on purpose, so he trains with his movie dad," another fan remarked on Anthony's eventual link with martial arts. 

Santopietro's weight loss journey could be the result of puberty and, at the same time, a needed measure to help his character become more like his father, Daniel. But the plotline of him going from gamer kid to karate kid is yet to be confirmed. As the show's sixth season is under production, it may give a rest to the fan's queries soon.