American singer-songwriter and comic book writer Gerard Way has been married to his wife Lyn-Z, aka Lindsey Way, a bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence, since 3 September 2007.

Since then, the couple, despite managing a private personal life, occasionally takes to their social media to express their love for each other.

To give an instance, Gerard beautifully wished her a happy birthday in May 2019, saying she brought love and light into their lives.

“I’m sick today and she is taking care of me, on her birthday! I can’t begin to count all the reasons you are the most special person I know. I am so very much in love with you,” he added in his Instagram post.

Gerard Way and his wife Lindsey Way.

Gerard Way and his wife Lindsey Way. (Photo: Instagram)

The same year, in September, Lindsey similarly posted a picture from their wedding day to make the occasion of their twelfth marriage anniversary.


A post shared by Lindsey way (@xlindseywayx)

And now, Way cannot be found on social media—he has even deleted all of his Instagram posts.

But his massive fanbase is hoping that the Summit native returns to social media to keep them updated about his upcoming projects and personal life.

In the meantime, if you are a fan, you may want to read the article in full to know more about the Hesitant Alien star's wife, married life, gay queries, age, Joe Rogan & net worth 

Is Gerard Way Gay?

For ages, fans have been speculating if Gerard Way is bisexual given the popularity of his and his former band, My Chemical Romance, among LGBTIQ+ fans for some of the songs with queer elements (such as 'Not That Kind of Girl' and 'Bisexual').

If you didn't know, Way is also known for cross-dressing and using makeup whenever he is expressing himself through his songs, comics, illustrations, or appearances.

In October  2022, he dressed up in a cheerleader outfit on the occasion of National Coming Out Day during a reunion tour event with  MCR and greeted the audience by hoisting a flamethrower. 

He was also been spotted kissing fellow band member and lead guitarist Ray Toro during their tour at the Eden Project

However, Way, a vocal LGBTIQ+ supporter, doesn't identify as bisexual. Rather, he identifies as queer, as reported by SDLGBTN in 2020. 

“I’ve never felt like there was an umbrella term that fit me,” he shared. "I’ve always just kind of felt like I’m an individual. And ‘queer’ just feels like, you know, it covers a lot of territory. It just feels like the right fit."

Gerard Way and His Wife Met during a Musical Tour

According to People, Gerard and his wife, Lindsey, met and bloomed their romance when they were touring with the singer’s rock band My Chemical Romance as part of Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution festival.

The singer also credited Linkin Park’s late musician Chester Bennington for bringing him close to his now-wife during the conversation with the mentioned tabloid.

“His band and bringing us on tour, that changed my life. I met my wife. We have an amazing life now and a daughter. My memories of that period and meeting Linds again are tied into Chester and his band,” he stated.


A post shared by Lindsey way (@xlindseywayx)

In a 2008 interview with Rolling Stone, the late Bennington also reflected on his role in bringing Gerard and Lindsey together.

He said that he felt proud that the couple “reignited their friendship” during the musical tour and eventually ended up getting married to each other.

“I was like, ‘This is freaking awesome,’” he added.

Gerard Way and Wife Got Married Backstage

Quite surprisingly, Gerard and Lindsey got married during the same musical tour where they met.

To be precise, they tied the knot backstage on the final date of the Projekt Revolution tour.


A post shared by Lindsey way (@xlindseywayx)

The wedding allegedly took place quickly at the end of the tour in the presence of a limited number of people.

“So there were literally only 30 or 40 people there, and he [Chester Bennington] was one of them,” Gerard told People.

Who Is Gerard Way's Spouse Lindsey Way?

Gerard Way's wife Lindsey, whose full name is Lindsey Ann Ballato, was born on May 22, 1976, in Dunoon, Scotland. According to her website, she is of Indian descent.

Her bio further revealed that she moved to the United States at the age of two with her family.

And at 17, she left home to study Fine Art and Illustration at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Lindsey went on to become a bass player for Mindless Self Indulgence after its producer hired her to replace Vanessa YT.

At present, she is associated with music as well as works as a visual artist. She also manages a private life with her husband and daughter.

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Is Gerard Way related to Joe Rogan?

Famous Podcast host Rogan is Way's distant cousin. According to Way, Rogan's grandmother was reportedly his aunt Josie, as per Kevin Smith during his conversation with Rogan in the Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience

What is Gerard Way's Net Worth?

Gerard Way's estimated net worth is $20 million, as per Celebritynetworth.

How old is Gerard Way?

Born as Gerard Arthur Way on April 9, 1977 (age 46) in Summit, New Jersey, U.S., Way derives Scottish and Italian ancestry from his father Donald Way and Donna Lee.