Georges St-Pierre is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the MMA world.

In 2017, he won the Ultimate Fighting Championship title in the middleweight division after choking Michael Bisping out. 

A lot has been reported about his career as a boxer, but not much is known about his dating life. 

The boxer has always kept his private life hidden from the media, but he once addressed a long-standing rumor about his dating life. 

Georges St-Pierre on His Dating Life and Privacy

During a sit down with ESPN MMA's Ariel Helwani, St-Pierre opened up about whether he was dating the This Is Us star, Mandy Moore

When the UFC champion was in his prime, the media reported that he was dating Moore and she was his girlfriend.

He revealed that the dating rumors were not true and that he had met Moore only twice in his life, once at a restaurant with a bunch of friends and another time before a fight, which he noted was not a good time to meet someone new. 

St-Pierre shared that he once met Shaquille O'Neal. He said, "Hi. Nice to meet you," and left for his fight, but iterated he would have been star-struck if the boxer had met the NBA player under normal circumstances. 

Helwani then asked him if he ever wished to get married and start a family with his wife someday. 

The boxer said he would love to but did not delve into the details and instead explained why he refrained from sharing his personal life. 

St-Pierre recalled when he did a show where he introduced the audience to his house in the countryside and his family. 

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre at Comic-con. (Source: Georges St-Pierre/Instagram)

But it was a decision he later regretted because people would often come up to his door looking for him and invade his privacy. 

"A lot of other fighters put their lives and kids on in front of the camera, but I would in a hundred years do that. I keep that part of my life away from the public," said St-Pierre. 

Georges St-Pierre Secret Girlfriend and Baby

And because of his very need for privacy, in November 2013, he did not reveal the reason for taking a break from the UFC

At the time, TMZ reported that the fighter told Joe Rogan that his decision stemmed from wanting to deal with personal issues. 

He did not reveal what they were, but the outlet reported that it had to do with his father's sickness and him knocking up a woman. 

An insider shared that St-Pierre had recently learned that he had gotten a woman pregnant, but he didn't want to have a baby even though the woman insisted on keeping it.

According to TMZ, the boxer had revealed that he had had issues and could not relax or sleep because of it during the post-fight interview at UFC 167. 

A few days later, the news outlet reported that St-Pierre denied the speculations

He told TMZ he was heading back to Montreal to train, but their inside sources claimed that his baby mama lived in Montreal. 

To this day, it is unconfirmed if St-Pierre has a girlfriend and a baby.