Born in Mexico, Felipe Esparza is a talented stand-up comedian and actor who performs live shows at comedy clubs across the United States and has also appeared in television specials with HBO and Netflix.

In addition, the 51-year-old has been hosting a weekly podcast called What's Up Fool? since 2014. On his podcast, he interviews people he finds interesting, which could be anyone from Hollywood celebrities to police officers to even homeless people.

Coming to his personal life, Felipe is married to his wife Lesa O'Daniel Esparza, who also works as his manager and co-produced his 4 stand-up specials, including his HBO show Translate This. And like most comedians, he makes jokes about his family, his relationship with his wife, and his children during his gigs.

Felipe Esparza and Lesa O'Daniel Esparza's Relationship

Felipe and Lesa, who got married in December 2014, will celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary in December later this year. The two have reportedly been together since the early 2000s.

While posting throwback snaps from the couple's wedding day on their 6th anniversary on Instagram in December 2020, Lesa stated that she had been with her beau for 14 years and not just 6 years. Now, that makes it clear that they have been in a relationship at least since 2006.

Her post also gave a sneak peek into her wedding, where she was seen wearing a knee-length white gown and a pair of matching heels with a white flower bouquet. The groom complemented her dress by donning a matching black suit, pants, and bow tie with a white shirt.

The wedding was attended by the couple's close friends and family members, including Lesa's biological son [Felipe's stepson] from her previous relationship.

Felipe Esparza Has Three Kids

The comedian has three children in total, two of who are his biological kids from his relationship with his high school girlfriend, and one is his stepson from his present wife.

Speaking with Big Boy on BigBoyTV in May 2018, Felipe revealed that he had both kids when he was just a teenager, with his first kid being born when he was 17.

"I was young, man, when I had my kids, man. My girlfriend told me she was pregnant in high school man [and] I never forget the way she told me she was pregnant," he added. He also recalled his mother telling him she didn't want to see him, and he had messed up when he went to her to say he got his girlfriend pregnant.

That being said, Felipe somehow managed to provide a good upbringing to his kids and raise them to become independent. He also keeps most of their personal life private but occasionally posts pictures with them on social media.

For instance, he shared a post featuring a series of pictures of his daughter, Tuesday, her baby, and himself to wish her a happy birthday. In his lengthy caption, he said he was proud of her for fighting cancer and parenting her son at the same time.