Ed Harris's Man in Black was hospitalized at the end of Westworld season 3. However, the actor is back to play the villain again.

The actor, who starred alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick, is back to reprise his role as Man in Black in Westworld season 4. And he feels good doing so.

However, he realizes it's not just about him. And after the previous two seasons of Westworld got harsh reviews for being "too complicated," Harris hopes fans tune in to watch the new season.

Ed Harris Hopes Fans Watch ‘Westworld’ Season 4

Harris appears in his trademark black suit and cowboy(ish) hat in the trailer for season 4 of Westworld. His return is adding to big expectations from the show, which, according to fans and critics, has trailed off since season one ended.

The actor, however, is loving his reprisal.

Ed Harris as Man in Black in Westworld season 4.

Ed Harris as Man in Black in 'Westworld' season 4. (Photo: Instagram)

"It's just nice to get back to the Man in Black Western outfit," he told USA Today in an interview on June 26, 2022. "This is what I signed up to do. And when I'm in it, it feels good."

Harris has a lot of faith in the HBO show's fourth season. He believes it will "ride again" after the previous seasons drew criticisms for being "too convoluted."

"I've talked to people who really loved Season 1, hung with Season 2 and then got a little lost in Season 3," he added. "So I hope the audience comes back and checks out Season 4."


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Season 2 and 3, and especially season 3, got a lot of pushbacks for being complicated, and also unnecessary. Many believe the show should have ended with the first season, and while season 2 was tolerable, season 3 was not even that.

The writing being bad, the introduction of new characters in season 3, like Aaron Paul's Cal, and the technology within the show's world being too advanced, among others, were a few criticisms about season 3.

Ed Harris on Playing Man in Black for So Long

Harris has been playing Man in Black since the first season of Westworld in 2016. He has been at it for over five years now and has given extraordinary performances over these years.

But he hasn't gotten tired of the character. Instead, he likes the contrast the character provides compared to his real self.

"Truthfully, it's kind of cathartic to get some of that stuff out playing a guy like this," he said while talking about keeping up with the evil of the character. The role provided a necessary outlet for "a little dark" part of him.


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The final season of season 3 showed Man in Black fighting a robot Man in Black, which he found interesting. His character also had to lose his iconic black attire as he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and stripped of the dress. He wore a bright white jumpsuit.

This directly ties in with what he said about being back in the Western outfit.

What remains to be seen is whether the audience loves the season as much as Harris loved being on it.