There are a few couples in the entertainment industry who have been together for decades. 

One such couple is Ed Harris and his wife, Amy Madigan. They have been married for over 38 years and together for four decades.

Harris and Madigan first met each other in 1981 and are together to date.

Over the years, they have held each other's hands and been through happiness and sadness together. Both of them are also accomplished actors in Hollywood, and they still work together on various projects.

Ed Harris and His Wife Amy Madigan

It was love at first sight for Madigan when she first laid eyes on Harris in 1980. Back then, she sang in clubs to make it as an actress and went to acting class. 

One day, she went to see the play Cowboy Mouth, where Harris was performing. She described her seeing Harris as "something you see in a movie or hear in a song." 

She was smitten looking at her future husband and hoped to see him again in the future.

Sometime later, they starred in a play and came across each other during rehearsals. Harris reminisced about the first time he saw his wife in an interview with Today in 2016. 

There was a big semi-circle of seats and an empty chair beside Harris during the rehearsals. Madigan showed up late, walked about everyone, and sat beside Harris. 

She was wearing colorful socks, and the first thing the actor told her was, "I like your socks." Soon, they fell in love and started dating.

Fast forward to 1983, the couple tied the knot while working together on Places in the Heart. The wedding was held in Waxahachie, Texas, by a Justice of the Peace. 

The marriage brought the couple together, and they still starred together in different projects. Harris told Chicago Tribune that he loved working with his wife, which drew him closer to his partner. 

Madigan added it was the "good feeling of accomplishing something together." It has been almost four decades, but the pair still enjoy working together. 

Ed Harris and his wife, Amy Madigan, posing for a picture

Ed Harris and his wife, Amy Madigan, posing for a picture. (Source: Twitter)

The Westworld actor told the LA Times in 2016 that he would never tire of working with his wife. He confessed that the duo enjoyed being around each other, especially when working. 

He even said that working with his spouse was more intimate than staying at home. Their latest project together is School for the Blind, adapted from Dennis McFarland's acclaimed novel. 

The couple share one child together who follows in her parents' footsteps. They welcomed Lily Dolores in 1993.

Harris told The Guardian in August 2011 that he was the happiest the day his daughter was born. Dolores is dipping her toes in the acting industry and has starred in Chicago Med and The Ploughmen

Ed Harris and His Wife at Oscars 1999

The Academy Awards has different scandals every year. The same was the case for the 71st Academy Awards held on March 21, 1999.

Elia Kazan, regarded as one of the most influential directors in Hollywood, was given Academy Honorary Awards. However, many celebrities and people were not satisfied with Kazan getting this lifetime award. 

The director had testified in 1952 before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA). When he was in his mid-20s, he was a member of the American Communist Party from 1934 to 1936. 

He initially denied giving the names of Communists when he was asked to testify by HCUA. But later, he provided the names of eight former Group Theatre members and identified them as communists.

The eight members were blacklists, and Kazan never apologized to them for ratting them out. Therefore, many did not appreciate it when he received the Academy Award.

Harris and his wife were one of them, and they showed their disdain by not acknowledging Kazan. They did not stand up and applaud the director.

Instead, they kept a poker face and refused to acknowledge the situation. Many appreciated Harris and his spouse's stance and lauded them for it.