Dixie D’Amelio and Nailea Devora have finally quashed their beef, and their fans could not be happier. 

The duo posed for an affectionate selfie, which they posted on their Instagram stories. D’Amelio, seen in her new buzz cut, appeared closer than ever to Devora. In Devora’s upload, she was seen giving D’Amelio an adorable smooch on the cheek. Both of them tagged each other in their uploads. 

The selfies were screen grabbed and reshared by tiktokinsiders, and judging by the comments, their fans were happy to see that they had finally made up. 

“Let’s be honest, the internet almost ruined their relationship, and they fixed offline love this,” commented a user. “Well, duh, there is no reason for Dixie to be mad at Nailea. She did nothing wrong,” noted another user. 

Meanwhile, a third user wrote, “Good for them! they both seem chill and unproblematic; it’s nice to see that they don’t let meaningless drama get in the way permanently." 

Dixie D’Amelio and Nailea Devora Beef

D’Amelio and Devora were best friends before things got awkward between the two. 

It all started after TikTok star Larray uploaded a video showing Devora and D’Amelio’s boyfriend, Noah Beck, fooling around together. In the video, Devora was playing around with a bald filter, which she put on Beck, which elicited laughter from the duo. Devora touched Beck’s head to ensure the filter could read Beck. 

It all seemed like harmless fun, but the internet soon started accusing Devora of trying to steal D’Amelio’s boyfriend. After that, Devora went on a TikTok rant, seemingly calling out the ‘Be Happy’ singer. 

“This girl who thought I wanted her man because I breathed near him. I was breathing, and he was six feet away from me. While I was breathing. And she swore I wanted her man,” said Devora. She also clarified she had no intention of stealing Beck and commented that she had been in a relationship for almost a year.

Dixie D’Amelio Says the Beef Was One-Sided

During her appearance on the BFFs podcast, D’Amelio clarified she had no ill feelings toward Devora and that the beef was one-sided. 

Dixie D'Amelio talks about her beef with Nailea Devora on BFFs

Dixie D'Amelio talks about her beef with Nailea Devora on BFFs. (Source: YouTube)

The issue arose when she and the hosts played “In The Wild,” where they decided if they could live in the woods for a week with the different influencers. 

One of the people that came up was Devora, to which host Dave Portnoy noted that she only came up because of her beef with D’Amelio.

But the musician clarified that she “really liked” Devora and “didn’t have a problem with her.” She added she loved her vibe, and they had the same energy when they hung out. 

The singer also added she never responded to Devora and Beck’s video or added fuel to the drama. “We could have been friends, but like, I don’t know. It was a weird situation because I have never dealt with something that was brought to the internet. I wasn’t even mad about anything,” said D’Amelio.