For a few weeks, netizens speculated Nessa Barrett would come on the BFFs podcast to discuss her recent breakup with Jaden Hossler.

And the rumors were further fueled when the BFFs podcast kept uploading IG posts and made it seem like the ‘La Di Die’ was indeed joining them. 

Barrett used to be a regular on the show, but after she broke up with one of the hosts, Josh Richards, and got in a relationship with his friend, Hossler, she stopped appearing. 

So when news of the songstress appearing on the podcast spread, her fans were excited, but on May 19, 2022, Barrett finally spoke about her highly speculated appearance. 

Nessa Barrett confirms she is not the new guest on the latest episode of BFFs podcast

Nessa Barrett confirms she is not the new guest on the latest episode of the BFFs podcast. (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

According to The original Tiktokroom, Barrett commented to one of her fans in the comment section of her TikTok video. 

The user asked point-blank if she would appear on the podcast, to which Barrett, who goes by “babycowboylol” on Instagram, replied “no.”

Barrett’s statement confirmed everything. 

Dixie D’Amelio Is the Guest on ‘BFFs’ New Episode

It appears Barrett was truthful because, in the new episode of the podcast, fellow TikTok star turned musician Dixie D’Amelio was the guest. 

BFFs shared a snippet of the new episode on their TikTok, with D’Amelio sharing she was nervous about being on the show. 

She explained, “something always happened when the show happened,” but host Dave Portnoy assured her the show would be about Richards and not her. 

“Dont worry I am going to take the brunt of this interview. I got it,” chimed Richards. 

In other snippets shared via TikTok, the hosts were grilling each other about the whole “Richards getting back together with Barrett” situation. 

Portnoy iterated people have asked him to get Richards to spill the tea ever since Richards and Barrett were caught hanging out.

But that was not all. The host revealed that right before the show started, he found out from his co-host, Brianna LaPaglia, that the former couple had been hanging out since two weeks ago. 

Upon hearing this, Richards looked appalled and yelled, “Bri!!!” 

Josh Richards Addresses the Speculated Reunion with Nessa Barrett

It looks like the former Sway Boy will be explaining everything in the new episode of the podcast. However, in a video uploaded by The original Tiktokroom, Richards was seen talking to paps. 

He delved into the details about why he and his ex were hanging out. 

Richards revealed they were on a dog walk talk, but it had nothing to do with them trying to get back together. They were trying to get closure from the past relationship. 

When asked about the rumors of his potential reunion with Barrett, he said, “I feel like that’s a craaaaazy thing to say,” and added he was living his best single life and busy doing his own thing. 

Hopefully, netizens will have the clarification they need in the next episode.