The last time we reported on Nessa Barrett was about netizens theorizing she was trying to get on the BFFs podcast after announcing her break up with Jaden Hossler. 

Barrett had frequently appeared on the podcast, but after she got in a relationship with Hossler, her relationship with the hosts soured because Hossler was host Josh Richards’ friend. 

However, after the break up, the BFFs podcast followed Barrett, who followed one of the BFFs hosts, Brianna Chickenfry, also known as Bri Chickenfry. 

This led fans to believe that she might be coming on the podcast, and Barrett and Richards further fueled this rumor. 

The former couple liked fans’ edits from back when they were together, which led some to believe they might reunite soon. 

In the latest episode of the BFFs podcast, the hosts discussed these matters and gave updates on Barrett’s highly possible appearance.

Nessa Barrett Sent Bri Chickenfry A DM

Dave Portnoy and Chickenfry opined that Richards and Barrett would probably reunite given that they were both liking these old fan edits. 

Richards then clarified that he did not remember how many videos he liked and regretted it when he clicked the like button of the fan edit video. 

He liked the video because he was feeding into drama and found the whole thing funny. 

The trio then talked about Barrett’s possible appearance on the show. 

They all agreed that Barrett coming to the show would be a good idea because she could clarify everything. 

Chickenfry also shared that after Barrett followed her, the artist sent a text message saying, “I LOVE YOU.”

Brianna Chickenfry reading out Nessa Barret's text message on BFFs

Brianna Chickenfry reading out Nessa Barret's text message on BFFs. (Source: BFFs/YouTube)

She then asked her co-hosts if she should ask the ‘La Di Die’ singer to come on the show or say, “I love you too.”

But then she retracted her statement saying she could not say I love you back to which Richards and Portnoy noted she was the one who started the beginning of this whole thing by saying Barrett was “hot.”

In the end, Chickenfry sent Barrett a message asking her to come on the show. 

And as much as they wanted Barrett on the show, Portnoy opined that it was unlikely. 

Only time will tell how this will unfold. 

Josh Richards Talks about a New Girl

In the podcast, the hosts also talked about Richard’s new girlfriend, Mia Mastrov. 

Richards and Mastrov have been making a lot of TikToks lately, causing netizens to speculate that something is going between the two. 

The duo even attended the Stagecoach Festival with Richard’s sister, Olivia Richards, which Richards mentioned. 

While speaking on the matter, Richards remained coy about his relationship status and confirmed nothing.

He shared he was unsure if he wanted to date her and clarified that Mastrov was not a TikTok star but a basketball player at Berkley.

Portnoy and Chickenfry then asked him if Mastrov was upset about him liking the old fan edits, to which Richards replied that he wasn’t sure because they had not talked about it. 

But Richards agreed that the whole Barrett and Richards break up came out at the wrong timing. 

It looks like the Sway Boy is not ready to spill anything yet.