Famous Streamer Disguised Toast, real name Jeremy Wang, made a brief return to Twitter almost three months after leaving the social media platform. On October 23, 2021, he uploaded a surprise post comprising a cryptic classic Simpsons gif.

The tweet showcased Abe Simpson walking into a building before walking back out after seconds.

The post had no caption, leaving it open to interpretation. As a result, many of Toast's followers believed the tweet was his statement for the ongoing controversy regarding fellow streamer Valkyrae's RFLCT skincare line.

Valkyrae launched her new skincare products on October 19, 2021, promising to protect internet users from blue light pollution. But the announcement of her latest endeavor met with massive backlashes and criticisms.  

Internet users accused her of setting up a scam, blaming she was creating a solution to a problem that never existed. 

In the wake of the controversy, the YouTuber confronted the accusations through a YouTube stream on October 23. She insisted her company's research was on point and without issue. 

Then the 29-year-old dragged her friends into the drama, mentioning that only a handful of her colleagues, including Sykkuno and Pokimane, bothered to check up on her in the trying times. 

As she didn't mention her long-time friend Toast, many were assured that Toast's aforementioned cryptic gif was his ultimate reply to her comments. 

"Toast this tweet is twisted by a Redditor as a response for Rae," stated one of his followers. However, others believed that the post was nothing more than a subtle tease to fans waiting for him to return to Twitter. 

What Happened to Disguised Toast's Twitter?

Toast quit Twitter in July 2021. Although he didn't deactivate his account, he wiped clean his handle, deleting all tweets and his profile picture and banner. 

After the sudden move, Toast talked about his unexpected departure in a YouTube video on July 28, 2021. "I should go on Twitter less. That app is not good for my mental health," Toast stated, explaining why he quit Twitter.

He mentioned how hard it was to leave Twitter after being "addicted to that dopamine when people are talking to me."

The Taipei native wanted to stay on the platform like usual gamers do, but he was drawn too much towards negativity. "I need to figure out a way to use Twitter in a way that's healthy," he remarked before the end of his live session.

Toast's surprise exit from Twitter came just months after he came under fire for his edgy humor. In addition, he was under the pressure of being canceled after internet users alleged he supported pedophilia and racism. 

But the content creator didn't hold back to clap back critics. In a well-thought statement titled 'Addressing my "problematic" past and being canceled,' the 29-year-old outright refuted all allegations. 

He stated he always "toed the line" of edgy humor, admitting that he understood his jokes could sometimes be perceived more harshly than intended.