There must be something different in the air nowadays, as YouTubers have been calling out and exposing people here and there. One such YouTuber is Danielle Cohn.

Cohn is a YouTube and TikTok sensation who has now expanded her reach in the music industry. However, she has found herself in many scandals over the past few years.

Nobody except her family knows her actual age. She has publicly fought with her father over her age. Her father claimed Cohn is at least two years younger than she claims.

Back then, she was 15 years old and was dating Mikey Tua. She faked a marriage and pregnancy with Tua, which created a massive controversy. 

She also has queer-baited and constantly found herself in trouble over pictures she uploaded on her social media. Once again, she has found herself in another drama, but this time it is with her manager, Michael Weist. 

Danielle Cohn Exposed Michael Weist 

Michael Weist is a producer and manager from the United States. He is infamously known for being Tana Mongeau's former manager and for orchestrating the notorious TanaCon in 2018. 

TanaCon was one of the most catastrophic fan gatherings ever. Over 20,000 fans were waiting for Mongeau at 90-degree temperature with no food or drink.

Multiple individuals were sent to the hospital, leading Mongeau to offer a public apology in which she blamed Weist. Weist also went to Dr. Phil to talk about the backlash after TanaCon. 

The event proved Weist was at fault, and Mongeau even blamed herself for trusting a man like him. It has been almost three years since TanaCon, but the public opinion towards Weist has not changed. 

Cohn seems to share the same opinion since she recently uploaded a video on August 8, 2021, to expose her manager. She uploaded a video titled, 'Addressing the Hate + Full Truth!' where she accused Weist of lying about her finances and contract. 

She did not disclose his name, but everyone knew she was talking about Weist. Next, she addressed her fans, who had asked her to choose an actual manager instead of her mother, Jennifer, who was in charge of everything.

Cohn said that she had a manager, and he was stealing her money. She added the manager forged her name and told her he owns her. 

She blamed her fans for forcing her to get a manager and not letting her mother manage her work. The YouTuber added she trusted Jennifer more than strangers because the said stranger stole her money. 

Michael Weist Responded To Allegations

On August 22, 2021, Weist uploaded a video to clear the accusations laid down by Cohn. Before responding to Cohn's allegations, he listed the things he had done for her. 

He claimed he had given her discounts as much as possible, but Cohn had not paid him for the music videos he produced. Weist considered Cohn his family and said he knew her from when she was a child. 

Weist was filming a documentary for Cohn called Obsessed, but he stopped filming it after getting to know the YouTuber and her mother more. He said the main reason was that things got "too dark."

He also accused Jennifer of "pimping her daughter" on social media. He said that she was problematic and toxic and further hinted she was abusing Cohn for money.

Weist defended himself and clarified that he never forged Cohn's signature or stole her money. Instead, Cohn's accusations were because Weist's management had claimed the YouTube revenue from the videos he produced.

He explained it was merely a procedure to extract revenue from the videos something requested by Cohn and Jennifer. He said that he would take legal action against Cohn for defamation and slander. 

Danielle Cohn Answered Back 

On August 26, 2021, Cohn uploaded a video to her channel addressing Weist's response. She said she was getting a lot of hate and was mad since people do not believe her. 

Apparently, when people leave Cohn's life, they do things like this to hurt her and her family. She hinted that Weist was a lousy person and didn't understand why people believe him. 

She also said that Jennifer was not abusing her. Cohn pointed out that if she were being abused, she would leave her house. Finally, she accused Weist of lying and said nothing he said was true.