Corinna Kopf is a 25-year-old YouTuber, streamer, and Instagram influencer who has over 6 million followers on Instagram and 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube. She has also been streaming on Facebook Gaming since December 2019.

The Palatine native initially rose to prominence with her appearances on David Dobrik’s vlogs. She has been a regular fixture in Dobrik’s Vlog Squad group since 2015, where her persona in Vlog Squad videos often centered on adult jokes about her relationships with the men in the group.

Speaking of relationships, Kopf has dated lots of men in the past. That said, many fans are curious to know who is Corinna Kopf dating at present. The answer to that was recently publicized by the diva herself, as she took to her Twitter on September 22 to imply that she was single on that date.


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“i want a boyfriend,” she wrote in the straightforward tweet, stating she was back on the market for a new boyfriend.

Fans’ Varied Reactions

Immediately after Kopf announced that she was looking for a new boyfriend, fans on Twitter went fizzy and put their case forward.

“I’ll take you to Olive Garden every Sunday,” one wrote. Another chimed, “Hey im right here.”

There were also some users who were informing their friends that Kopf was single and asked them to be her date. Doing that, someone wrote, “Bal4nce_ she wants you.” Similarly, another added, “@ewekasidney Time to shine.”

Despite all the proposals and catchy pickup lines, Kopf didn’t respond to anyone. Maybe, she is still filtering through the comments while hoping to find the perfect one.

Her September 22 tweet was a follow-up to the previous tweets she tweeted in the same month. In one of the tweets she shared she dreamt of making out with Lil Nas X, while in another one, she said she wanted to become a baby mama.

Here are those tweets:

Corinna Kopf's Dating History

One of the popular names whom Kopf dated was Logan Paul, a fellow YouTuber, and social media personality, around 2019. The couple was also seen together that year at a basketball game wearing matching yellow sweatshirts.

During an episode of Impaulsive podcast in July 2021, the diva shared that she never saw her togetherness with Paul as a relationship. Instead, she revealed he was one of her many “hook-up” friends from the fraternity.

“It took us a year to have [romantic relationship] because he [Paul] refused to get an STD test,” she added.

During the same podcast, Kopf also confirmed dating Twitch streamer Adin Ross in the past while adding it was the relationship she regretted the most.

She explained her statement by saying that she received hate messages and comments from Ross’ fans, who claimed she used him for followers. In her defense, Kopf said she was not running after followers but dated him because she wanted to and ended it later when she felt the relationship was not right for her.

In addition, Kopf has also briefly dated streamer Turner Tenney, musical artist Toddy Smith, and vlogger Brennen Taylor at different times.

Well, looking at her history so far, it is apparent that she has majorly been in friends with benefits kind of relationships. Respecting her choices, we just hope she also finds someone who would keep her permanently.