Christina Haack is Haack no more!

The HGTV star has gotten married again. This time, her groom is Joshua Hall, Josh for short.

Along with getting hitched, she has also changed her surname to Hall. She has done so in all of her legal documents.

Christina Hall Got Secretly Married to Josh Hall

On April 5, 2022, news broke that said Christina had married her fiance, Josh, in secret. Keeping things secret has always been a trait of their relationship.

The couple started dating way before anyone knew of their relationship.

While the first reports about their relationship started appearing in July 2021 — after being seen going on a vacation to Mexico — they had actually started seeing each other in March 2021.

She acknowledged this in March 2022. On March 20, 2022, Christina posted a couple of pictures on Instagram. The first one was taken in March 2021, whereas the second was taken in March 2022, a year apart.

The couple moved fast in their relationship, getting engaged soon after becoming official. Christina announced her engagement in September 2021, which immediately brought her criticisms about getting engaged too quickly.

Christina Haack is now Christina Hall after getting married to fiance Josh Hall in secret in early 2022.

Christina Haack is now Christina Hall after getting married to her fiance Josh Hall in secret in early 2022. (Photo: Christina Hall/Instagram)

To this, she responded with an Instagram post, saying, "Too fast, too soon, too blah blah blah.. that feeling of pure bliss / those deep convos, love is what it is." People had these comments because Josh had proposed to her just three months after she finalized her divorce with ex-husband, Ant Anstead.

As for their wedding, no details have yet been revealed. And it wasn't even the couple who broke the news about their marriage — Page Six claimed it was sources "close to the newlyweds" that confirmed their nuptials.

With this, Christina has officially become Christina Hall. She has made sure her legal documents reflect the change in her surname.

Both Page Six and TMZ got their hands on her updated Orange County real estate license. In the document, her name was listed as Christina Meursinge Hall.

Her former names were Christina Meursinge El Moussa and Christina Meursinge Haack, her maiden name. There was no mention of Christina Anstead, though.

Christina Hall's Previous Marriages

Christina's first husband was Tarek El Moussa. The former pair got married in 2009 and had a child, son Taylor, in 2010.

However, things started going south for the ex-couple around 2013, and they endured a few more years of painful coexistence. These issues included arguments, a decline in their mental health, financial troubles, and a feud on Flip or Flop, a show they both starred on.

Christina even went through IVF treatments to expand their family, one of them resulting in a miscarriage. In 2015, though, they had their second baby, son Brayden.

As years went by, false rumors of cheating also surfaced. Having had enough of the horrible marriage, they filed for divorce in 2017, and it was dissolved in January 2018.

After this, Christina moved on with Ant. They started going out in 2017, at a time when they were both fresh off their respective marriages.


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The former couple married in December 2018, and she took on Ant's last name. They also had a child, daughter Hudson London, in September 2019.

Their marriage lasted only a year after Hudson's birth, and they announced their separation in September 2020 on Instagram.

A month later, Christina filed for divorce and their marriage ended then. Ant moved on with Renee Zellweger soon after the split, and so did Christina with Josh.