Christina Haack is a real estate investor and TV personality. She is well known for her HGTV series, Flip or Flop, and its spin-off Christina on the Coast, which follows her home renovation journey. 

Christina on the Coast is her solo journey in the real estate world, whereas Flip or Flop revolves around the premise of Haack and her ex husband Tarek El Moussa’s course on renovation and reselling of properties. The show also showcases their personal life.

However, the beloved couple has now long parted ways. Here is the story behind Haack’s failed marriage.

Christina Haack’s Divorce From Tarek El Moussa 

Haack and El Moussa got married in 2009 and had their child, Taylor, after a year. Things started falling apart for them in 2013.

A viewer noticed a lump on El Moussa's neck in one of their famous series’ episodes. After examination, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The star was also diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly after. 

At the time, Haack and her then husband had been at the height of their TV show success. However, the stress of dealing with cancer, along with the long hours of filming, added further pressure on their lives.

They even tried marriage counseling to reconcile their issues. But her husband's health only worsened.

He reportedly started having hormonal issues and had to take steroids, testosterone, and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which further complicated things for the couple.

Christina Haack with her ex husband Tarak El Moussa.

Christina Haack hosting Flip or Flop with her ex husband Tarak El Moussa. (Photo: Instagram)

Despite everything, the couple wanted to expand their family. Haack tried IVF to get pregnant, but it only led to two failed attempts, one of which resulted in an unfortunate miscarriage.

Haack’s miscarriage took a massive toll on her mental health and created a gap in their marriage.

However, the couple conceived again and gave birth to their second child, Brayden, in 2015. 

With many misfortunes happening to the duo at once, it appears no surprise that they argued a lot. Their arguments became a usual thing, which was highly toxic for their relationship.

From buying things to parenting their children, the couple did everything together. It got to where they had no space between them.

Similarly, they struggled with money and constantly bickered about it. All of this impacted their marriage negatively, eventually leading to their split. 

With monetary and medical problems, along with suicide and cheating rumors, Haack and El Moussa filed for divorce in 2017. They were granted their marriage dissolution in January 2018.

After the divorce, there were rumors they separated because of cheating scandals. However, they admittedly had not cheated, and cheating was not a factor behind their breakup. 

Instead, they continue to co-parent and still appear in their TV show, Flip or Flop together. 

Christina Haack’s Divorce From Second Husband

After the Christina on the Coast star filed for divorce with El Moussa, she started dating English TV presenter Ant Anstead. Anstead was also freshly separated from his first wife. 

The two got married in December 2018, after which Haack took her husband's last name. The duo welcomed their only child together, Hudson London Anstead, in September 2019. 

After being married for less than two years, Haack and her second husband announced their separation in September 2020 via Haack’s Instagram.

She filed for divorce in November of the same year and reverted to her maiden name. However, the duo has not announced the reason for their split. 

After the separation, her then husband sat down with People in December 2020 and talked about his experience with the divorce.

He revealed it was not his decision to separate, and his ex-wife’s choice had shocked him. 

The father-of-three opened up about how he was in “a very dark place,” which affected him mentally and physically. He claimed he lost more than 20lbs because of the impact on his sleep, diet, and stress. However, he got himself out of that situation. 

His solution was simple — he started focusing on positive things and reminded himself of how blessed he was.

To turn his life around, the TV host signed up for a 35-day online recovery class and a three-day faith-based retreat, which eventually got him out of his dark bubble. 

He also found solace with his children, Amelie, Archie, Hudson, and his ex wife, Louise. He credited them for helping him recover.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Haack claimed she was prioritizing her work and family more after the split from her second husband.

She was trying to focus on positive things and spending some quiet time with her children.

The TV personality also mentioned her life after divorces in her Instagram post in March 2022. She wrote, "life post divorce can be very complicated" before adding, "but love for my children and their love for each other never is."

While Haack is enjoying her time with her kids, she is also relishing a relationship with Joshua Hall. The duo got engaged in September 2021 during a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico.