The inevitable break up has finally happened. Tana Mongeau and her boyfriend, Chris Miles, have officially parted ways. 

Mongeau announced she was in a relationship with Miles on July 8, 2021, but the couple had broken up many times since then. The pair have been dating on and off for the past three and a half months. But now, it seems like they are not getting back together. 

On October 17, 2021, Mongeau spammed her social media, accusing Miles of cheating and breaking her heart. She ended her night celebrating her heartbreak with her cousins and ended up getting drunk. 

A few hours later, Miles joined the YouTuber on her bed while she was sleeping. He uploaded a boomerang on his Instagram stories of him beside Mongeau with the caption "someones gotta take her phone away when she is drunk."

The story was reposted by many drama channels on their Instagram, and many people responded to the pair's toxic relationship. However, many believed that the couple had again gotten back together, whereas many thought Miles's behavior was a red flag. 

Neither of them had made any official statement about their love life but had left cryptic tweets and Instagram Stories. However, now both Mongeau and Miles have confirmed their break up

Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles' Split

On October 18, 2021, Miles announced he was single via Instagram Stories. Mongeau reposted the story on hers and dubbed Miles's announcement as "definition of cruelty."

She also accused him of not loving her and vowed never to date someone for toxic publicity ever again. Following this, both of them unfollowed each other on Instagram. 

Mongeau posted heartbreaking self-love and single life posts on her Instagram Stories and showed that her friends were there for her during this challenging time. She also tweeted heartbreak emoji and "ahhhh i can't believe my life rn" following Miles' story.

Miles also took to Twitter to fuel their break up drama. He tweeted lyrics "better off lonely" from his song 'Better Off.' 

He also tweeted, "She the devil in disguise, Look like heaven in her eyes....," another lyric from the same song but later deleted the tweet. Their dating history shows that the pair always split and patch up a few days later. 

However, this time, the pair might actually be done with each other. According to their Instagram Stories, Mongeau is partying with Josie Canseco, Mike Majlak, and Faze Banks, whereas Miles is having a quiet night at him watching Family Guy

Now we can only wait and watch where their Mongeau and Miles are headed after this break up.