When we think of actors who are fit, Chris Hemsworth’s name probably ranks on the high numbers. After all, he's chiseled as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has an app called Centr to help others get to that god-like physique. 

And just when one would think he's at his peak, he is actually getting buffer by the day. From flipping tires to fueling in doughnuts, these all are in preparation to let Hulkamania run wild, brother!

Thor Versus Hulk Hogan

The current regiment Hemsworth is pursuing is preparing for his upcoming role as the WWE Hall-of-Famer, Hulk Hogan. In his prime, the wrestler was an epitome of a top masculine physique with defined muscles and contours like a spiral of pythons. 

Given Hogan's legendary status, the Australian actor has commented that the role demands him to push his physiological limits further than any of his previous parts and undergo a drastic transformation.

And to think Thor was a bulky character! 

Next to putting on the muscle, Hemsworth also needs to dive into a lot of homework regarding the wrestling world, which he is excited to do. However, there's the accent and a certain intensity and showmanship Hogan has in his voice that is quite signature and iconic to him. 

Seeing his currently bulking frame, his co-star Chris Pratt in the upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder jokingly commented that he is getting a bit concerned about having to be seen next to him.

Hemsworth’s replied in wit, saying that they can both look equally swoll by putting on the "instashred" filter. 

Hogan Thinks Chris Hemsworth Is Ready

Upon seeing pictures of Hemsworth shredding it, the man after whom the biopic is based on shared on his social media a side-by-side picture to exclaim, "He's ready BROTHER!!!" 


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If that is not approval enough, we don't know what is. But, being tongue-in-cheek, Hogan does throw in a light-hearted concern of whether Hemsworth is good-looking enough to play as him or not. 

Hulkamania To Come

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), then World Wrestling Federation (WWF), saw its own meteoric rise during the 80s. This was mainly in part due to its roster of larger-than-life wrestlers who were selling a fantasy. 

There were flamboyant personalities like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who carried around a literal snake, Ted DiBiase, "The Million Dollar Man," who was a rich guy who fought dirty, and George "The Animal" Steel, who carried around a stuffed animal. The 80s were indeed a tumultuous time. 

Among them was Hulk Hogan, who had not only the athletic prowess to leg drop on his opponents but also charismatic showmanship that got the crowd fired up.


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He never failed to give the audience their money’s worth with red and yellow as his signature colors and an ever-smiling face. 

To many, he was also prototypical of an American man as well — seen as patriotic in some instances, rowdy, and aggressive in others. 

With the biopic on the way, it is predicted that it will essentially cover his rise to fame, his glory in the ring, and the dramas that lurked backstage.

With Hogan himself in the producer's seat with the backing of Netflix, the movie is set for release in 2022. For the time being, a name is yet to be determined.