On August 12, 2021, TikTok star Caleb Finn uploaded a short video on Instagram and revealed that his pregnant girlfriend, Lil Soup, would be giving birth in February 2022. 

And then, around Christmas time, the couple uploaded another video and revealed that they were naming their baby, a son, Finley. 

After that, the couple gave their last baby update to their followers on January 23, 2022. 

Their fans hopped on the comments section to congratulate the couple and wished them a safe delivery. 

Finn and Lil Soup did not reveal when they were giving birth exactly, but fans speculated that it was on February 1 because of Finn’s TikTok videos. 

Caleb Finn’s TikTok Videos

On that day, Finn uploaded two TikTok videos. 


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In one of the videos, Finn lip-synced to Justin Bieber’s ‘Don't You Give Up’ while pointing to his girlfriend. 

Meanwhile, Lil Soup was lying on the bed with her baby bump in full view, and it looked like she was ready to give birth to their baby. 

In the second video, he was randomly dancing to a song, and in between, the video cut to Lil Soup, who seemed unamused according to the fans who commented. 

Unfortunately, while Finn looked like he was having a little fun, viewers took to the comments section and berated the new father for his insensitiveness. 

They were not impressed at the TikToker for making videos while Lil Soup was in labor. 

Most users commented the mother looked like she was not in the mood and that Finn should have let her rest. 

They also said she looked like she was crying. 


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But Finn later commented on one of the videos to address the backlash. 

“For all the party poopers, Soup isn’t in labor yet. We planned this and are crying, laughing,” wrote the criticized TikToker. 

It looks like the audiences were wrong about Soup’s feelings. 

Caleb Finn and Lil Soup Welcome Their Baby

On February 6, Finn uploaded another video on TikTok, and this time it looked like his girlfriend was giving birth to their baby. 

The new father took to Instagram a day later and finally gave the update his fans were waiting patiently for.

He uploaded a carousel of their family photos and revealed that their baby was born on February 2, 2022. 

Caleb Finn addressing about baby photo

Caleb Finn addressing the baby photo comments on Snapchat (Source: Caleb Finn/Instagram)

The couple did not upload any close-up photos of their son, but there was one of his tiny fingers.

The comment section was flooded with congratulatory messages from fans and celebrities alike. 

Former Married At First Sight star Sarah Roza congratulated the couple and added that she couldn’t wait to meet their new child. 

Meanwhile, content creator Nice Michael wrote he was tearing up in his kitchen looking at the photos because their kid was born on the same day as his kid, making the day extra special. 

Some fans also noted that his kid was born the same day as Kylie Jenner's son. 

But some users pestered the TikToker for his son's photos. 

However, Finn took to Snapchat and clarified that he and his girlfriend wanted privacy for now.