Byron Mann is easily one of the more recognized Hong Kong natives in Hollywood since starting his acting career decades ago. 

The actor most famously starred as Ryu in 1994’s Street Fighter with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raúl Juliá. 

Since then, his name has appeared on numerous Hollywood credit lines alongside high-profile actors such as Richard Gere, Chow Yun-Fat, Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, and Lucy Liu

A lot has been talked about the actor’s path to Hollywood fame, but very little has been discussed regarding his personal life. 

He is undoubtedly a private man regarding relationships with his partner or wife, but that has not stopped fans wanting to know more.  

Is Byron Mann Married to a Partner?

As much as fans are curious about the actor’s marital status, very little or nothing suggests the actor is married. 

There are no reports about Mann’s partner, and neither does he talk about it in interviews. 

A brief scroll through his Instagram page filled with his work leaves little clue about his love life. 

Byron Mann and his co-star, Wu Assassins co-star, Katheryn Winnick

Byron Mann and his Wu Assassins co-star, Katheryn Winnick. (Source: Byron Mann/Instagram)

However, in 2015, during an interview with The Press of Atlantic City, the actor shared that his acting career started because of his previous partner.

He told the outlet he and his girlfriend at the time had applied to UCLA Los Angeles, but only he got accepted. Mann was unsure about moving, but he took the leap and moved to Los Angeles. 

The actor majored in Philosophy, and as a result, he had a lot of time because all he had to do was think and read. 

With a lot of leisure time on his hands, the actor watched movies.

“Producers, actors, directors (visited the school). I thought how cool it would be if I could actually do this for a living. If I went to school in Ohio or Rhode Island, Hollywood would just be too far away. But I was here, and getting an agent was just making a call. So that girlfriend changed my life,” shared the actor. 

Mann is no longer with that girlfriend, but he started his journey to Hollywood thanks to her. 

Byron Mann Wished He Had Invested in Relationships

Through hard work and passion, the actor became an accomplished actor in Hollywood. 

But he wished he had spent more time on relationships and less on work, saying it would have been nice if he had a partner and a family. 

“It’d be nice to find someone and have a family. Because career and stuff, I’ve seen it and done it. I still have things to do, but there’s more to life. There’s other dimensions to life,” said the actor. 

However, the actor has no regrets in life, which he relayed to Lifestyle Asia

When he was asked if he would rather never be alone for a single moment or be alone for the rest of his life, he would rather be alone than be with someone just for the sake of it. 

Hopefully, in time, Mann will share more about his love life and his partner, if he has one.