Brianna ‘Chickenfry’ LaPaglia and Grace O’Malley invited TikTok’s bad boy, Bryce Hall for one of the episode of their YouTube talk show, Plan Bri Uncut, in August 2022

And as expected, Hall could not last through the episode without mentioning his former best friend and current nemesis Tayler Holder. 

Recently Hall has been calling out Holder on social media a lot. The TikToker even challenged Holder for a boxing match via a tweet. 

Hall’s online antics resulted in a second cease and desist letter from Holder. Hall has since left Holder alone but not before promising to expose the truth about Holder’s sexual assault allegations.  

However, despite the warning, Hall trashed talked about the ‘Never Was You’ singer on Plan Bri Uncut. The conversation about Holder came up after the hosts and the TikToker talked about how he had changed and no longer created unnecessary drama. 

Bryce Hall Trash Talked Tayler Holder

Hall noted that he no longer needed to create drama, to which LaPaglia mentioned he had not been involved in much lately. However, co-host O’Malley disagreed and said Hall had still been a little involved. 

That’s when Hall brought up his nemesis. "I talk s-t about Tayler Holder, but that’s like [expletive] like.... [expletive] that guy."

LaPaglia then asked Hall if he got the cease and desist letter, to which he replied the whole of Los Angeles got one, including their energy drink company, Ani Energy. 

After that, LaPaglia recounted meeting Holder and shared he was not what he presented himself to the public. 

Bryce Hall says Tayler Holder is a terrible human being on Plan Uncut Bri

Bryce Hall says Tayler Holder is a terrible human being on Plan Uncut Bri. (Source: YouTube)

“From the beginning, when I met him in Miami, he was like talking about how he’s a godly man. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, but I know that he is at parties getting [expletive] up and like seeing him doing s-t. So it’s just like weird vibes with him from the beginning,” said the BFFs podcast host. 

She then wished Hall would fight him. Hall noted that if the allegations were false, closing the case would not be difficult and criticized Holder for pretending like none of it happened and going around promoting his music. 

Bryce Hall Says Tayler Holder Is a Terrible Human Being

The trio then discussed Holder’s BFFs podcast appearance. They mocked Holder for how he kept promoting his song instead of addressing the allegations.

Hall, who was reportedly disgusted by Holder’s actions, then said that even after his death, the aspiring singer was the only person he would trash talk publicly because he was a “terrible human being.’

“Yeah, he is a sh**** human being that perceives like to everyone on the internet that he’s this godly like oh I praise Jesus and I’m such a good human, in reality, one of the most disgusting [expletive] I’ve ever met. I mean that’s just true,” said Hall.

LaPaglia added she had heard from multiple sources that Holder was just the worst, and the trio moved on to other topics. 

The sexual assault allegations against Holder came up in February 2022, and so far, there have not been any developments.