On August 23, 2022, clips of TikToker Bryce Hall, comedian Sneako, and Twitch streamer JiDion’s stream started spreading on social media. 

The trio talked about TikTok dramas such as the Landon barker, Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio love triangle, and the Jack Wright and Sienna Mae alleged sexual assault allegations. They also discussed Hall’s career and his past relationship with Addison Rae

The conversation started after the trio began discussing gold diggers. Hall mentioned that not all women were like that and that his relationship with Rae was perfect.

"I thought like when me and Addison were together, I thought that was a perfect relationship. I thought we were great," said Hall. Just then, Sneako wondered out loud about the reason behind their breakup. 

Bryce Hall on Breakup with Addison Rae

Hall and Rae broke up in March 2021, and Hall alluded the famous TikToker ended the relationship because she wanted to protect her image. 

Before their relationship ended, rumors were rife that Hall had cheated on Rae. He allegedly had physical relations in Vegas with an adult film star, who tried to extort him for $75,000. Instead of paying her, Hall dismissed her and told her to do whatever she wanted. 

Unfortunately, the story spread; some people believed it, and some did not. Rae did not believe it as well, but netizens started attacking her for dating a “cheater,” and it was affecting her work. 


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In the light of such a scenario, Hall and Rae decided to breakup mutually. Hall shared he was heartbroken after the breakup.

When JiDion asked him if Rae was the one, his reply suggested that Rae might have been The One for him. “Stop making me emotional, man. What you think, was she the one that got away?” replied Hall. 

Hall then noted that Rae was in a new relationship with Omar Fedi, “someone completely opposite” to him. The TikToker acknowledged that as much as he wanted to “[expletive] on” Fedi, he respected the musician for his talent. 

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Is Bryce Hall Obsessed with Ex Girlfriend?

Since the video spread on social media, fans have left their thoughts and reactions in the comments section on the tiktokinsiders re-shared post.

While some rooted for Hall and Rae’s reconciliation, others accused Hall of using his ex-girlfriend’s name to stay relevant. 

Bryce Hall, JiDion and Sneako discuss Hall's break-up with Addison Rae

Bryce Hall, JiDion, and Sneako discuss Hall's breakup with Addison Rae. (Source: Instagram)

“As someone who I imagine cares a lot about her, doesn’t he think about how much she’s going through right now with her family? Does she really need her EX bringing up her name every chance he gets? She’s moved on, let her be happy with Omer,” commented a user. 

The user added they were suspicious of Hall genuinely having difficulty moving on or using Rae to stay relevant. “Why is everyone absolutely ignoring the fact this man obsessively talks about his ex all the time,” wrote another user.

But some users defended Hall, saying that people kept trying to make him talk about Rae. 

“Y’all acting like ‘why he is talking about her’ when clearly other are the ones are asking questions about her to him or bringing up her name so he can talk,” a user defended Hall.