There are a lot of communities on YouTube, and one of them is the drama community. The drama community comprises various channels that report on various notorious activities going on YouTube. 

Usually, the creators behind drama channels choose to remain anonymous to protect their privacy. Regardless, some channels like Dustin Dailey, Nick Snider, and Rich Lux don't mind sharing their identity with their audience. 

Anna Oop is one channel that has not shared her identity with her fans. She has over two million subscribers on YouTube and usually covers news regarding various creators. 

She has been active for over two years, and her content is adored by most. As a result, many fans have requested her to do a face reveal to see the identity behind Anna Oop. 

Anna Oop's Face Reveal

On December 4, 2021, Anna Oop uploaded a music video titled 'FACE REVEAL' where she click baited her fanbase. Initially, people thought she was actually showing what she looked like. 

But instead, she only showed her hair tied in space buns with scrunchies, like her online avatar. She also showed her hands a little but did not do a proper face reveal.

Anna Oop opened up on Twitter that she wanted to do a face reveal but did not do so because of the massive negativity she was receiving on TikTok. While she could deal with the hate, she feared getting doxxed. 

She added that she prioritized the people around her so that the hate she gets on a daily basis would not reflect them. She also clarified that she has never revealed her identity despite the rumors about her pictures being leaked online.

However, she also did not want to leave her subscribers hanging. Therefore, she only showed her hair and did not do a face reveal.

Overall, the music video was more about shading people than showing her face. She shaded many people, including Zoe LaVern, Nikita Dragun, and Gabbie Hanna

She dragged Lavern for dating minors, Dragun for black fishing, and Hanna for her recent turbulent behavior and scandals. She also shaded other drama channels, saying they wanted to be her but only named Spill Plug.

All these other channels wanna be me, I am living in Spill Plug's head rent-free.

Is Spill Plug Copying Anna Oop?

Spill Plug is a drama channel like Anna Oop who has not revealed its identity yet. She started making videos in January 2020 and has continued to date.

Over the course of almost two years, she has amassed 136K subscribers on YouTube. Initially, Spill Plug did voiceovers for her videos and just used text and music to deliver news to her audience.

But soon, she started doing voiceovers like most drama channels and changed her editing style. People started noticing that Spill Plug made her videos more like Anna Oop. 

Spill Plug has not made any comments regarding this issue and has not responded to the shade thrown by Anna Oop yet.