It looks like Anna Campbell’s assault and grooming allegation drama is far from over. 

A Recap Of Anna Campbell’s Allegations

The last time we reported on this case, Campbell’s ex-es, Taylor Lynn Pendergraff, Kaylee Jade, and Natalia Taylor, had a public Twitter fight. Previously, the three of them had jointly accused Campbell in Taylor’s video titled “We Are Survivors.”

In the video, the ladies talked about the assault and abuse they experienced at the hands of Campbell. 

On July 28, Campbell responded with a video titled “A Legal Update,” (which has since been deleted) AND confirmed that she had sent cease and desist letters to her ex-girlfriends. 

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The three ladies had started a GoFund me page to finance their upcoming lawsuit battle, but in early August, Pendergraff wrote on Twitter that she was handling her case alone instead of joint representation with Jade and Taylor.

Apparently, Jade and Taylor had ganged up and accused Pendergraff of allegedly scamming people with the GoFundMe. But that’s not all; another YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, also inserted her name in the drama.

On July 30, Paytas uploaded a video titled “secret room is almost finished,” where she shared that she would discuss Campbell’s lawsuit on her Frenemies podcast. Immediately after, Campbell commented, noting that she would take legal actions against Paytas if she did not tread carefully. 

It looks like Campbell was serious about taking legal actions against all these ladies who ruined her reputation. 

Anna Campbell Sues For Defamation

On September 16, a Twitter user by the name Defnoodlespicy released documents of the defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit stated that defendants Jade, Taylor, and Pendergraff came to know some private things about Campbell which Campbell did not intend the public to know. 

It also stated that Campbell’s ex-girlfriends secretly recorded her without her consent while she was emotional and having private conversations. These recordings, which should have been private, were disseminated across multiple platforms and viewed thousands of times.  

The defendants targeted Campbell for over a year through an ongoing social media campaign that was negative, harmful, and malicious. Payatas was also a defendant, and the document stated that Paytas made harmful and false statements about Campbell.

The document listed all the incidents of the defendants making such statements along with the dates. It also stated that Campbell denied all the allegations and that her followers and subscribers had dropped because of the defendants.

As a result, Campbell had lost sponsorships and was suspended by the YouTube partnership program. This caused her to lose her income. 

According to the documents, Campbell experienced emotional and physical distress for which she sought medical help that incurred medical bills. 

And for all these reasons, the document stated that Campbell was likely to succeed on her merits of complaints.

There were eight counts of complaints, including “defamation, wiretapping violation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference of business relationships, civil conspiracy, and unjust enrichment.”