Famous YouTuber Anna Campbell is known for posting funny vlogs and interesting stories from her experience working as a mental health specialist at a psychiatric hospital. She amassed over 400,000 subscribers but slowly lost followers when she got embroiled in a scandal with her ex-girlfriends.

Campbell is openly bisexual and has dated some fellow female YouTubers, such as Natalia Taylor. On June 29, Taylor, who has a large following on her YouTube channel, uploaded a video titled 'WE ARE SURVIVIORS.'

In the video, Taylor was joined by two of Campbell’s exes — Taylor Lynn Pendergraff and Kaylee Jade — as they told the story of allegedly surviving abusive relationships with the content creator. 

The women accused Campbell of being an abusive drug addict who used them and claimed she even sent inappropriate texts to minors behind their back.

Campbell Addresses the Claims

The video gained traction, and Campbell swiftly took to her own YouTube channel to address the allegations in a video titled, 'Not My Last Video.' She began by mentioning how fans have continued to call her out despite already apologizing to her ex Jade.

This has turned extremely, extremely real. It is just the internet, but it’s turning into something that will affect our lives for years. With more and more fake stories being pulled out and Taylor actually raising thousands of dollars to sue me, I decided it's time to take matters into my own hands.

Campbell explained that the people who knew her in real life already believed the stories about minors, but the truth is the claims are “fake.”

She added she had lost the energy to defend herself and wanted the law to do it for her. She then went into depth about how she talked to many lawyers and the things she learned from them. 

The YouTuber claimed she had a defamation case and added that she was going to fight for her innocence and would not be leaving YouTube despite the internet coercing her to do so.

Campbell Gives a Legal Update

On the same day, Campbell uploaded another video titled 'A Legal Update' where she gave her fans an update on the ongoing lawsuit. 

She started by explaining that her exes were telling blatant lies and on a witch hunt to spread a hate campaign against her. Then, she detailed all the incidents of her exes being violent and aggressive towards her. 

She then explained that she was getting threatened by her exes and had to take serious legal action, so she had no choice but to send a cease and desist letter.

The 28-year-old read the letter and listed all the laws that her exes broke, such as wiretapping, defamation, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, tortious interference with business relations, and unjust enrichment. 

Campbell then concluded the video by stating that she cannot wait to prove her innocence.