Not everyone in Hollywood is born with a silver spoon. Some do come from humble beginnings, like Euphoria’s Angus Cloud

Cloud has been making headlines for his stunning performance in the critically acclaimed HBO high school drama. 

But on March 4, the actor made headlines and even got a shout-out from Cardi B after an old video of him before Euphoria went viral on social media. 

Angus Cloud as a Waiter in a Viral Video

A user on TikTok, Darleen, by the username “just.darleen” shared a video from her birthday brunch in Brooklyn 4 years ago. 

In the video, she was seen dancing with her friend when Cloud, a waiter at the restaurant, came over to clear the table. 

The user even tagged in the actor in the video and wrote, “This is amazing @Angus Cloud fast forward now you’re a star in Euphoria.”

In the comments section, fans left all kinds of comments saying they were inspired by the actor for how far he has come. 

But others criticized Darleen, saying that Cloud looked stressed because of her group. 

“He’s just ready for y’all to leave immediately! It’s brunch in a restaurant and y’all acting like it’s a club,” wrote one user. 

However, some users clarified that the restaurant itself was famous for having that kind of vibe.

Viral video of Angus Cloud as a waiter

Viral video of Angus Cloud as a waiter (Source: Instagram)

Darleen also shared the video on her Instagram stories and expressed her incredulity at having gone viral. 

Angus Cloud Got Shout-out From Cardi B

The video eventually caught the attention of celebrities like Cardi B and major publication Complex. 

Darleen’s video was reshared by Twitter user @tmmyguapo, which was retweeted by the ‘WAP’ rapper.

The rapper shouted out Fezco, writing, “Look at him now, pushing weight …You go, Fez.”

Complex also reshared the video on Instagram alongside the caption, “so much can change in 4 years.”

Actor and comedian Dan Fogler commented he loved seeing these types of videos that featured people grinding. 

Cloud’s fan also left words of encouragement, saying that it was beautiful to see his journey from waiting tables to appearing in the global hit series. 

Angus Cloud on His Journey to Fame

Previously in 2019, Cloud sat down with GQ and revealed how he ended up on the most popular show after Game of Thrones

The Euphoria actor shared that he had moved to New York on a whim with a one-way ticket two years prior and eventually worked in a “chicken and waffle” joint. 

And one day, he was walking down a Manhattan street when he was stopped by an ambitious representative who claimed to be working for a casting company. 

She invited Cloud to come in to read for a new TV series, which at first Cloud thought was a scam. 

But then, he went anyway and found himself stared down by austere people in a mundane room as he read lines from what would become Euphoria’s first episode.

“I had to change it a little. To make it sound real, like how I would say it,” Cloud said of the script he was given. 

Cloud aced all of his table reads and soon found himself on the set of Euphoria, and as they say, the rest is history.