Almost a month ago, Amber Rose called out her baby daddy, Alexander Edwards also known as "AE", for allegedly cheating on her with at least 12 women, or possibly more.

The two had been together for almost three years and share a son. 

Rose took to Instagram and shared that she was tired of being disrespected and criticized all the women for sleeping with her man even though they knew he was with her.

Rose did not reveal their identities as she was “not in the business of ruining lives.”

Initially, the Universal Music Group executive remained unaffected by Rose’s social media rant but later came clean.

The SlutWalk founder was willing to forgive him if he apologized publicly, but instead of apologizing, AE felt a breakup was better.

He claimed that he could and would not stop cheating. It looked like Rose and AE were separated for good, but recently the producer took to his social media and begged for forgiveness. AE wanted to reunite with his family. 

AE Begs for Amber Rose’s Forgiveness

On November 28, the tables turned on the music executive who had publicly dumped the supermodel. 

He took to his Instagram stories and issued an apology where he apologized for his actions and pleaded for Rose’s forgiveness.

He acknowledged his actions and commended Rose for being an amazing person and a wonderful mother. 

AE was desperate to make things right and claimed he would do anything. Rose did not issue a public response, but it looked like AE was making an effort to win his family back ever since the apology.

The duo and their son were spotted on a family outing

The family looked as tight-knit as ever, with Rose holding their son Slash in one hand and AE carrying a large stuffed dinosaur and other gifts.

It seems like the two were trying to co-parent amicably for the sake of their son. 

But it is still unclear as to whether they are back together as a couple.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

Before the family outing, Rose attended Verzuz with her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, which left fans wondering if they were back together.


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The former couple, together for three years, called it quits in 2014. They welcomed their son, Sebastian, a year before their divorce.

Rose shared clips to her IG stories from Hollywood’s Palladium, where she and Khalifa watched Bone Thugs-N-Harmony battle it out with Three 6 Mafia battle.

The model had captioned her stories “baby daddy” with a smiley face surrounded by hearts.

They also posed for pictures alongside Marisa Mendez and Lil Flip.

Unfortunately for fans hoping for reconciliation, Khalifa’s actual girlfriend, Aimee Aguilar, was also at the event. She even posted the ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper's videos on her story.

Although it is unconfirmed when Khalifa and Aguilar got together, they were spotted together multiple times after the rapper broke up with Rose in October 2019.