Adin Ross just cannot seem to catch a break.

The Twitch streamer has been banned on Twitch again. This makes it the fifth time he has been banned from the platform in two years.

Initially, the reason for the ban was unclear. However, now it seems he was banned for using a homophobic slur on stream.

Adin Ross Banned Potentially for Homophobic Slur Usage

On April 20, 2022, Ross sent out a tweet with a screenshot regarding his Twitch ban. The notice said the suspension was because he used "Hateful Slurs or Symbols" on stream or VOD.

Further, it also clarified that the ban was indefinite and that his ban "will not be automatically lifted."

Ross expressed his at-the-time surprise at the ban in his tweet.

"i got banned on twitch, indefinitely. I am not sure what I said though?" he wrote. "I don't know man."

Ross, however, was acting like he did not know the reason and later deleted the tweet when Jake Lucky sent out a few tweets about his ban.

Adin Ross's deleted tweet about his Twitch ban for using homophobic slur.

Adin Ross deleted a tweet about his Twitch ban for using a homophobic slur. (Photo: Jake Lucky/Twitter)

On his Twitter thread, he gave two potential instances which could have gotten Ross banned. The first one was him uttering the homophobic slur (f word) during a stream with his friend, YourRAGE, a few days before the ban.

Lucky posted a clip of that conversation where someone who sounded like Ross used the frowned-upon word, and YourRAGE tried to unsuccessfully mask the sound by making noise. The clip had gone viral before Lucky picked it up.

The second instance revolved around the same word. A few days after the aforementioned viral clip, Ross played a song containing the same offensive word. This time, he immediately realized his mistake, covering his face with his hand and a regretful expression.

It's not too surprising Lucky picked up on Ross' ban so quickly. He previously reported on his 2021 ban for texting while driving and called him out for holding a twerking competition on his Twitch stream.

YourRAGE Defends Adin Ross against Ban

Just an hour after Lucky made his Twitter thread explaining Ross's ban, YourRAGE responded to him. He defended Ross, saying it was not Ross who said the word but his high school friend.

After Lucky cross-questioned YourRAGE on the matter, Arab, a Twitch IRL streamer, too, jumped in on the discussion. He said he had gone to high school with YourRAGE, and the person who used the slur was someone named Kyle, not Ross.

Many others have also accused Lucky of deliberately trying to bring Ross down on Twitter.

"dudes tryna cancel everybody for no reason," a user replied to Lucky. Another added, "Bruh is this man the content creator patrol or sum."

As for Ross, his channel is still inaccessible as of this writing. Since April 2020, Ross has been banned four times before this, including the texting while driving incident.

However, according to Streamer Bans' data, all of his bans lasted less than a week. The longest he has been banned for before this is seven days, and the shortest is one day.

This time, though, things feel a bit uncertain for the streamer.

Twitch takes offensive speech and slurs usage offenses seriously. Considering Ross' unusual history with the gay community, like joking about sharing a bed with Lil Yachty, getting banned after a stream guest used a homophobic slur, and making gay jokes regularly, this ban might last for a while.

Or maybe it won't, after the few testimonies about him not being the one to use the word. Only time will tell.