On February 22, 2022, YouTuber SoLLUMINATI, whose real name is Javontay Baynes, uploaded a video titled "BIDEN Ross MUST BE STOPPED !!" on his YouTube channel. 

This resulted in the drama between the two parties.

The YouTuber attempted to expose famous Twitch streamer Adin Ross, renowned for his "sus" (suspicious) content. 

Ross often invites major rap artists and jokes about being gay and makes sus comments about his sexuality in front of them. 

In his videos, there are moments where he makes subtle comments insinuating he is gay but immediately takes them back and makes it clear he has a girlfriend. 


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Most people find his "I am gay but not really" jokes offensive, but the streamer still attracts a larger number of viewers to his content. 

SoLLUMINATI Speaks Against Adin Ross

But SoLLUMINATI, who was not having it, seems to have made it his mission to end Ross' career.

In his video, he stated he was speaking on behalf of all the rappers and people who were clearly not happy with the popular streamer's punchlines. 

The rapper claimed the streamer was probably bi-curious, had taken his jokes and sus content too far, and was offending the LGBTQ+ community because of it:

"You like a predator bro […] You faking like you gay, 'oh i want.. your' to get reactions you making them [Ross' guests] uncomfortable. That is not funny," said the YouTuber. 

He added little kids might find it funny, but grown men didn't see the humor in his content and that he was "emasculating men."

SoLLUMINATI speaking against Aidin Ross

SoLLUMINATI speaking against Adin Ross (Source: SoLLUMINATI/YouTube)

The YouTuber iterated that if a person started hanging around Ross long enough, they would become bi-curious and start saying things they rarely say. 

He also called out all the rappers who appeared on his channel and criticized them for putting up with Ross' antics just for clout for their music. 

The YouTuber has also started a petition on Change to deplatform the streamer. 

As of writing, he has received 14,303 signatures. 

Adin Ross Responds to Accusations

Immediately after the YouTuber's video went live, Ross responded to his accusations during a stream. 

Right off the bat, after listening to the rapper claiming that everyone would leave Ross' side if people found out he was gay, he ran a poll. 

Aidin Ross responds to SoLLUMINATI

Adin Ross responds to allegations (Source: SoMuchPlug/YouTube)

He asked his viewers whether his close friends, including Cuffem, Cheesur, and Snaggymo, would care if he was gay. 

But Ross acknowledged he had "been humbled by" Polo G and many others and realized that he did not want to offend people. 

"Bro, you are late. I have slowed down. Dont you understand I've got a few scares," said the rapper. 

The streamer also added that he had been making such jokes growing up, and that's just how his personality was.

He questioned the YouTuber why he was the only one getting the flak when others made similar content. 

Ross denied preying on children and accused the YouTuber of exaggerating. 

It looks like the beef between these two will not end soon.