The impact of hip hop and rap extends far beyond the play and pause buttons. It has intersected with and influenced everyday aspects of life. 

But in recent years, many in the hip-hop community have dealt with the misuse of drugs and alcohol. Artists have seemed to embody the “glamorous lifestyle” of popping pills.

Some artists make their drug use very evident and are often accused of being responsible for endorsing the hard drug culture.

As a result, drug-related deaths are at an all-time high among the rap fraternity.

However, some are fortunate enough to escape the hands of death and receive a wake-up call in the nick of time. One such artist is Polo G, who reflected on his three-year ecstasy & Xanax addiction last year on his birthday. 

Polo G's Addiction Almost Left Him Dead

In August 2019, Polo G almost lost his life

The artist posted photos of himself in a hospital to let his fans know he was all right after his near-death incident.

In the pictures shared on social media, which have since been deleted, the Chicago rapper showed his hospital admission band and a picture of him and his dad, who was there for him during the emergency. 

Polo G admitted that he “got a lil too lit,” the previous night, but thankfully his dad was there for him. In the caption her wrote,

Ma Pops made sure I was straight & back on my square On Gucci ion take that For Granted love dat man to death.

The comments section was filled with best wishes from Lil Tjay, G-Herbo, producer Cash Money AP and many more. 

This incident forever changed the rapper. On Polo G’s 21st birthday, he reflected on his addiction in a series of Instagram posts, which has also been deleted. He was with his lady love in Dubai for the celebrations. 

In the caption, he shared that he had a Xanax addiction for three years and used to think that he had to be high to feel alive. But ever since almost being dead, he paid attention to his health and quit doing Xanax.

The rapper added that he was five months sober. 

Polo G Death Rumors

Although the rapper was well and alive earlier in June, fans wondered “did Polo G die” after rumors of his death made rounds on the internet. 

Fortunately for fans, Polo G was not dead, but ,rather, a victim of a derogatory prank.

The death rumors started when Channel45news, a prank site that creates fake news and promotes them on social media, stated that the rapper had been the victim of a drive-by shooting.

While the news of Polo G’s death was completely untrue, it did not stop the rumors from spreading like wildfire. Even fans who were not aware of the prank took to Twitter to express their concerns. 

However, it was soon reported that Polo G was well and alive and that the rapper had even released an album.