Adam Sandler is a talented actor, comedian, filmmaker, and musician who rose to fame as a cast member on Saturday Night Live in the early 90s. He subsequently made it big with appearances in notable Hollywood films such as The WaterboyThe Wedding SingerBig Daddy, and Little Nicky. He has an estimated net worth of $420 million as of 2020. In the same year, he signed a four-movie deal with Netflix worth over $250 million.

In 2023, he is back with the American action comedy mystery film Murder Mystery 2 alongside his longtime friend and Friends co-star  Jennifer Aniston, a sequel to the movie of the same name he did in 2029.

The movie was released on Netflix on 31 March 2023 and eventually reached Netflix's top 10 list in 90 countries. The movie revolves around two full-time detectives, Nick and Audrey Spitz, who gets involved in a conspiracy to kidnap and kill their friend, a rich business heir who invites them to his wedding, 

In this article, we will, however, move away from his professional life and exclusively cover his family background and siblings, who have chosen different career paths than him and open out of the entertainment industry.

Does Adam Sandler have a family?

The hugely successful actor hails from Brooklyn, New York, and was born on September 9, 1966. He is the younger of four children born in his family. His older siblings are Valerie, Elizabeth, and Scott. 

His parents were from a working middle-class Jewish family who descended from Russian-Jewish immigrants on both sides. His mother, Judy Sandler, was a nursery school teacher, while his father, Stanley Sandler, was an electrical engineer.


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Later, when Adam established himself in the film industry, his parents also appeared in a few acting projects, majorly playing themselves in documentaries or projects based on their son's life.

Besides, the Happy Gilmore star also has three siblings in his family, with who he spent most of his childhood and teenage. He has one brother, Scott Sandler, and two sisters, Elizabeth Sandler and Valerie Sandler.

But contrary to Adam, who is often in the news and manages a luxurious lifestyle, his siblings have a simple and private life. 

Does Adam Sandler have a brother?

Adam's elder brother Scott was reportedly born on 12 May 1960, in Brooklyn, New York. He currently works as a lawyer who completed his study at the Boston University of Law. 

The two brothers shared the same room growing up and the two has a solid bond till today. 

The nanny was also ordered to pay back the $48,000 that HP Production (Adam's company) had paid her under the settlement and cover HP's more than $33,000 in attorney fees.

Scott is not much seen in the media, apart from a few appearances during red carpet events of Adam's movie projects. For instance, he attended Adam Sandler Footprint Ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in California in May 2005.

And if you didn't know, Scott was the one who gave his younger brother Adam the perfect career advice to pursue acting. At the time, Adam was juggling several jobs and couldn't make up his mind, and asked Scott for advice. He retrospected, "I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So I asked my brother what I should major in – he said acting, and that's how it started."

Not only Scott helped Adam with advice, but he also supported his younger brother with finances. According to the LA Times, Scott helped his brother Adam win a legal dispute against a nanny who took care of the actor's children and accused his company of slavery.

His Sister Elizabeth Sandler Is a Dentist

While Adam's brother is a lawyer, his one sister, Elizabeth, is a dentist. Her bio on the Wellness website reveals that her dental office is in Manchester, New Hampshire. She is a Brandeis University graduate and a Manchester Central High School almuni. She also has a doctorate degree from Boston University's School of Dental Medicine. 

Not only that, but she is also the president of the NH Women's Dental Society. Previously, she had also worked as the chief of professional relations for Northeast Dental Insurance Company. 

Regarding her personal life, Elizabeth also maintains a very private life, due to which her personal life details remain under wraps. It is only known that she has two children, a dentist daughter Victoria and a director son Tyler—who ventured out to stand-up comedy after graduating from Harvard and discovered that he was passionate about working behind the scenes as a director. He has earned film credits such as Breaking In, A Night of Too Many StarsThe Jack and Triumph Show,  Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, and Sing It.


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The actor's other sister Valerie is even more private. Some internet outlets claim she works in the food industry and leads a conservative way of life.

An Instagram handle with username @sandva12  — that seemingly belongs to Valerie — suggests that she prefers an EDM lifestyle and is a student of biology and linguistics.

However, the details available on the internet relating to Valerie could not be all correct, as no official source has revealed the righteous facts about her personal life.

Who is Adam Sandler Married to?

Since 2003, Sandler has been married to his wife Jacqueline "Jackie" Sandler, who even converted to Judaism for the love of her husband.


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The pair has two daughters, Sadie (born May 2006) and Sunny (born November 2008), who both have had a fair share of on-screen time in films at a young age. 

Sadie was only two years old when she made her on-screen debut in Don't Mess With Zohan. Now, she has had acted in the likes of Hube HalloweenDo-Over, Sandy Wexler, The Wrong MissyPexelsBlendedMurder Mystery,  Hotel Transylvania, Just Go With It, Bedtime Stories, and Grown Ups series.

Similarly, her younger sister also acted in Hube HalloweenPexelsBlendedMurder MysteryDo-Over, Sandy Wexler, The Wrong Missy, Hotel Transylvania, Jack and JillGrown Ups, and Grown Ups 2. Grown Ups series is one of Adam Sandlers biggest hits of all time.