American TV personality Wendy Griffith has her standards set high when it comes to the husband qualities. And seemingly, not a single guy has passed her standards as she remains single to this day.

Wendy Griffith is into the showbiz as a reporter for CBN News and Anchor Christian World News- a weekly program devoted to the work of Holy Spirit around the globe. She is also the co-host of CBN’ 700 Club.

Career Height: Wendy Griffith inspired women to know their worth in behind the scenes of The 700 Club. (Published: 29 Jan 2014)

The host is an anchor turned author of Praying The News: Your Prayers Are More Powerful Than You Know (2011) and You Are a Prize to be Won: Don’t Settle For Less Than God’s Best(2014).\

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Wendy Griffith Has Spirit As High As A Youth At Age Over 40.

Born in the hometown of Charleston, the anchor celebrated her birthday on 15th of September every year. Her exact age is confined as her birth year is not disclosed. She shares a good bond with her father and her younger sister.

Although the number for her age remains confined, it is known that she has crossed her 40s. Anyways, age is just a number for her as she has her spirit uptight to go on an adventure. From skiing on the icy slopes to hiking on the hills, she is not hesitant to dive in. She even climbed the Everest in 2016.

The Climb: Wendy Griffith shared a photo on her Instagram from her Everest climb in 2016. (Photo: Wendy Griffith's Instagram)

The high spirited aging woman is a big-time believer of Christianity. And her faith only gets stronger by the profession that revolves around the very faith.

Wendy Griffith At Career Height; Salary & Net Worth

The TV Host commenced her television career a year after her graduating from the West Virginia University with a B.S. in Journalism in 1986. Her first workplace was NBC affiliate KYEL-TV in Yuma, Arizona.

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In the later years, she moved around the country working with several networks on the way. She landed in CBN based on Virginia Beach in 2000 where her focus was inclined to spiritual stories.

As a news anchor for CBN, she is paid an Average salary of $113,000. Her career has been bright and long enough for her to accumulate a hefty net worth; revealed in digits or not!

However, the romantic side of her life has been contrary to her ascended professional part.

Why Is Wendy Griffith Not Married?

For those willing to be Wendy’s husband- she is not an easy catch! You’ve got to shower her with a whole lot of commitment.

That very lack of commitment from her former boyfriend back in time led her to write You Are a Prize to be Won: Don’t Settle For Less Than God’s Best in 2014. The book came out as her experience of being with a non-committal partner who didn’t show the commitment she was looking for, encloses her guidelines to discover the right partner.

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She wants her relationship to be holy and pure; one that every faithful devotee has with Jesus. 

She Loves Jesus: Wendy Griffith is a religiously inclined person with faith in Jesus (Photo: Wendy Griffith Instagram)

Apparently, she has not found a man who fit perfectly in her ‘husband qualities.’ One intriguing query is, what if she finds the one and marry him to figure out, he doesn’t pass all the credentials? Will she divorce him right away?