Fox & Friends' co-host is splitting with her "friend vowed for life!"

Ainsley Earhardt, the co-host of Fox's popular breakfast show, Fox & Friends made her split with her husband of six years official and she's not letting the gray days take over.

Ainsley, age 42, confirmed in a statement that she had separated from her husband, Will Proctor on 9 October 2018 through a Fox News spokesperson,

After much prayer and careful consideration, Will and I have separated.

Sources that are close to Ainsley say that the pair had been trying to maintain their crumbling married life for years, following her husband’s affair. Apparently, her husband had cheated on Ainsley with one of her closest friends, which made it all the more heart wrenching for her.

Unexpected Divorce: Ainsley posts a picture with her baby daughter and husband on Instagram on 7 November 2015 (Photo: Ainsley Earhardt’s Instagram)

Ainsley and her husband met on a blind date and eventually married in Will’s hometown of Winter Park, Florida in October 2012. She married Will three years after her divorce with her high school sweetheart, Kevin McKinney who she was previously married to in 2005.   

The pair was frequently seen together at different events, but Ainsley had stopped dropping any mention of her husband in the recent months.

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Even when she celebrated her 42nd birthday on air with Fox & Friends co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, nobody had brought up his name. Adding to that, Ainsley said her sister, Elise had been helping her raise her daughter, Hayden.

Spitting Image: Ainsley posts a picture with her adorable daughter on Instagram on 3 October 2018 (Photo: Ainsley Earhardt’s Instagram)

As a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, who is turning three next month, Ainsley supported her thought on being significantly focused on parenting amidst the split with her husband saying,

I am fully committed to parenting and doing what is always best for my darling little girl and would appreciate privacy and prayers during this difficult time.

Ainsley also added that she would become a positive example to her daughter, assuring that Hayden would grow up in a home where her mom would be really happy and encourage her to pursue her passions.

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So one thing’s for sure; Ainsley is not going to be sulking in the corner about the split with her husband and is going to be a tough mom. Another thing is Ainsley didn’t mention if the pair had filed for divorce yet as they are just living in different apartments.