The fierce and ravishing supermodel, Tyra Banks is a very familiar face in the entertainment world. As a former Victoria Secret's model and a judge for her own super popular production, America's NextTop Model'd Tyra has garnered a huge fan following. And her hosting in America's Got Talent is a big hit as well. 

If you too are a fan of this lady, then you are probably acquainted with her works and skills on the modeling platform, but are you well aware of her personal life? 

Well, you can join us in the segment below to get familiar with Tyra's dating and personal life details!

Tyra Banks' Baby With Boyfriend

The beautiful host from the 'America’s Got Talent,' Tyra Banks was in a very low-key relationship with her former boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla. The then-couple was dating since 2013 before finally splitting up in 2017. 

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Tyra first met her boyfriend on the set of Norway's "Next Top Model" in 2012, and the duo eventually started dating each other. Though not much information about their relationship surfaced out in the media, it was evident that the pair was trying to build a family. 

Back in January 2016, Tyra, who had fertility issues and underwent IVF procedures in hopes of conceiving. Despite not being successful at that the couple fulfilled their wish of having a baby after she became a mother via surrogacy with Erik Asla.

Previously in June 2017, Tyra even gave her fans the first look of her son on the occasion of father's day. The caption that followed the photo consisted of the shout out to York's father Erik and Tyra's father, Donald.

That How To Pose: Tyra Bank's son York Banks Asla (Photo: Tyra Banks's Instagram)

The former partners welcomed a healthy son, York Banks Asla in January when Tyra was 42 years of age. York is the first child of Tyra while the fourth of Erik, as he has three daughters from his previous relationship; among which one of them is an elite model. 

Tyra Banks And Boyfriend Split, Why Didn't They Got Married?

Everything seemed to be normal between the partners as, though not regularly, they were seen on one another's social media account once in a blue moon. 

The fans of the duo were expecting them to get married and live as husband and wife, but the expectancies faded away when the news of the couple breaking up, without any given reason, swirled in 2017.

However, one of the sources close to the US Magazine revealed that despite the split, the partners were still friends and are co-parenting their young child.  Moreover, the apartment Tyra and Erik shared in New York was now on the market for more than €15M. 

Tyra even seems to have moved on from her breakup with Eric, as she was spotted out on a date with a mystery man. Tyra was seen at the Cake Mix in West Hollywood on 5th October 2017.

But again, not much information about her any possible relationship status has surfaced publically.

Tyra Bank Lands Good Deals In Business

In addition to being a high profile TV personality, Tyra Banks has also stood up with a tactic of a businesswoman. She is hitting off in the real estate market through her smarts when it comes to investment, and her smarts are paying her a hefty amount. 

Tyra has landed $4 million for her Los Angeles Mansion as reported by Mansion Global on 24 September 2018. The mansion was previously on the market for a $4.25 million. She sure grabbed a good deal in this transaction and earned appreciation from her fellow realty agents.

The smart lady's feat doesn't end there. She has also landed on the top rank in Top TV Personalities Chart published on 24 September 2018. She has a lot on her part to boast.

If Tyra gets married one day, her husband will have her to boast upon. No second thoughts on that.